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Readers Respond: How Did You Find Out You Were Having Twins?

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Updated December 14, 2009

The discovery and confirmation of a twin pregnancy can be a shock like none other. It is a special moment in a family's history, a moment that changes everything. How did you find out you were having twins? Was it a surprise or suspected? Was it the successful outcome of a quest for reproductive assistance or a complete out-of-the-blue miracle? Share your story of how you found out about your twin pregnancy, how you reacted, and how you felt about the discovery.


I went to my first prenatal appointment at 7 weeks and 5 days. The reality of this unplanned pregnancy had just sunken in, as I had known for 2 weeks now that I was pregnant with what i thought would be baby #2. As soon as my doctor put the wand inside me I saw 2 ginormous sacs and slowly, nonchalantly turned ny head in disbelief acting as if i didnt see it. Right away, my doctor asked if i had any twins in my family. In the meekest, and mildest baby voice ever, I whined, 'Noooo, is that what that waaas??' She didnt respond and as I slowly turned my head back towards the screen, ifelt like I was in a dream, it was so surreal. Sure enough there where 2 sacs and 2 babies with flickering heart beats. I placed my hands on my head and said, "Dude, how did this happen?" Lol....for the next 30 minutes of the appointment i was in total shock. I didnt hear anything my doctor was talking about and i kept nodding my head and askig her random questions like, will i be able to breast feed TWO babies!
—Guest MotherToBeOf3

Because I prayed and asked God for them

I knew I was having twins even before I went in for an ultrasound because I prayed and asked God for boy/girl twins. The thing is, I didn't mention this to my husband. Well, he found out at our first ultrasound. I was not at all surprised, but he was a little. Well, guess what, it's been 13 years and you know what I'm praying and asking for girl twins now :)
—Guest Toni

surprise two babies

I went in for My first appointment at 12weeks to listen for My baby heartbeat and while listening the doctors an nurses just kept smiling so he made me a appointment for a ultrasound @ 4months. When i finally went to My ultrasound appointment me an now husband an mom went in the back as the nurse started an found the first baby she stop for a minute and said oh baby you going to have twins me an My mom was smiling but i look over and My husband was fainting My mom had to catch him. I was only 16years old then now 28 still with My first boyfriend(husband) and raising our now 10year old twins girls they were born august 9. 2001 and i'll 8 and 4year old boys.
—Guest christa harper

Fraternal Twins at 9 Weeks

I knew I was pregnant but the doctor thought I was further along than 9 weeks. I went in the next day for my sonogram. The technician asked me which # baby this was. I told her it would be #3. I already had two boys. She said,"Ok...let's take a look." Then she said, "Oh...look at that! Here is baby #3 and baby #4!" I said, "Huh?" Everything looked good and I took the sonogram picture home to show my husband. I told him he better sit down. I showed him the picture and he did not say anything at first because we were both in shock. But once the shock set it...we were both very happy. Then later I found out I was having two more boys!!! They are five years old now and in Kindergarten. We are so happy!!! ---Marion
—Guest Marion


5 years ago I found out I was prego again we already had an almost 2 year old girl. Well waiting for my 1st dr. appt. something scared me I called the local hospital they told me to come in. I went they did an interal ultrasound it show one and maybe the start of another but I asked the tech. as twins run on my side and he was a twin, she said no it's just one. That was in Sept. On Dec. 11, 2006 went in for the regular ultrasound the tech. got mad said they should have gave me more time as I was carring twins. I cried because for months I tried to convence myself it was only one. They will be 5 tomorrow, one boy and one girl.
—Guest MLTJ

I knew it!

I had none of the symptoms of multiples but I just knew it. I had 3 children already and I knew something was different. I kept telling everyone that I was having twins and they all thought I was crazy. Sure enough, at 3 months an ultrasound proved me right. Even my doctor was shocked. Now I have 2 healthy baby girls getting ready to celebrate their first birthdays. Never underestimate a mothers intuition.
—Guest Wendy

My twin experience

I found out through ultrasound at 7 weeks that I was carrying twins. I have been pregnant twice before and this pregnancy is by far the most different. I am not nauseous but I have a severe spitting problem. Something I never experienced in the past. With my other children I suffered from morning sickness but with the twins I dont feel that way. Also with my two other pregnacies I couldnt eat shrimp or seafood the first 3 months and with the twins I can. At 10 weeks I felt the twins move.
—Guest cookie609

twins 4 5

I took my 12month old daughter to the doctor and I was having sharp stabbing pains all over my body so I made a app. for myself that day and my doctor said I am going to send you for a ultrasound today (Dec.1 2011). The tech lady called me back and things were going ok until she said "congrats your having twins I cryed and was in shock. It went down hill after that. I was 6months along when i found out. They came 2months early. They are Identical girls. They are healthy and thrieving well. Never thought it would be twins. It does run in the family both sides. I had 3 other pregnacies then we wanted one more and got 2 more. Shocker. Its bitter sweet though. They will be 1yrs old feb 15 2012.
—Guest Trisha


I am having my fifth pregnancy, but it was strange. I started feeling heartbeats @ 2 months & I feel hungry often. So I referred to a nurse, my neighbor, who advised i should have an ultrasound. Fortunately the doc said they are two and i cried. It was my last hope.
—Guest Ummulhaq

15 week surprise

I went in at 15 weeks for my second checkup. The doctor measured me and said, OK. As she was listening to the heartbeat she suggested that I go in for an early ultrasound just to check. She said it was doubtful, but better to be sure. My husband and I went in the next day for an ultrasound and sure enough, within seconds the tech said "Well I definately see two heads". I said "are you serious?". Started crying and was happier than I have ever been. Am due in 4 months and can't wait for our twin boys to get here. This is my first pregnancy, no fertility drugs, and it doesn't run on either side of the family? I guess we are just this Lucky!
—Guest abby

omg what a shock

I had a sonogram appointment yesterday, and as soon as the lady put the thing on me she said, "OH did you know you were preg with twins?" I said, "What! You are kidding me, right?" and she said "Nope, look." I cried the whole time she was doing the sonogram. Then she went and got my husband and he thought something was wrong because he had seen me all upset. I told him it was twins and he thought I was kidding until he saw the screen. He said, "I don't understand why you are so upset." He was smiling and he hasn't stoped since. I can't say I'm upset, just very shocked. We already have 5 between the 2 of us. I'm sure I'll be happy after the shock wears off. My dad had 7 all together so why not lol. The funny thing is that no twins have ever been in either of our families ever.
—Guest wendy

My 26 week shocker!

I have been having problems with getting prenatal care due to insurance and moving. In my first doctors visit, I was excited about having a baby but for some reason scared to death because I had a funny feeling that I was having twins. But no.... I had the ultrasound. One baby, one heart beat. After a horrible 4 months of moving and getting my insurance fixed and finding a doctor, I finally got the chance to go in and get checked. I was now 26 weeks and sick of the anticipation of "Is it a boy or girl?" We began with the ultrasound and everything was looking good. "There is the baby, there is the spine," and as she moved down to determine the sex of the baby.... "Is that another head?!" "Look.. Yup that's two babies in there." I began to shake with fear and anger, yet I was so happy and excited and just could not believe I would get the opportunity to have twins! But guess what... I have to come back tomorrow to see the sex. Oops i mean their sexes! Life is a trip!


I went to psychic raymond Pero who told me he saw me pregnant NOW. I thought he was nuts until I took a positive pregnancy test about a month later. Raymond mentioned that I would have a set of twins & one regular birth, however didn't specify which this one is. My fiancé says he has a gut feeling it is a girl with a twin girl or boy, but def one girl. I have my first sonogram Monday, so we'll see!
—Guest Talia

My Miracle Babies

I was only six weeks when I found out I was having twins. It was a week after I took a home pregnancy test. I scheduled an appointment and I had an early ultrasound to see how far a long I was and to my surprise there was two. I was beyond happy, words cannot explain the happiness I felt and still feel three years later. They brought so much joy to my world!
—Guest Shamika

Twins at 3 months.

I found out I was pregnant at the end of my 1st trimester &' was completely freaked cause I thought something was wrong I hadn't gained any weight or anything I just slept ALOT so I scheduled an app. To see my doctor &' my mother went with me so they did an ultra sound &' while the doctor was telling me about giving birth ect. My mom was staring at the screen &' she asked doc to look up &' BAM he goes congratulations young lady your having twins :) &' I wasn't really surprised cause twins run in my family my mom an identical twin &' about 3 weeks later I went in for another ultra sound and was ecstatic when I found out that they are fraternal a boy &' a girl so when plan to name then Jordan &' Aaliyah :)
—Guest Chloe

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