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Back to School with Multiples


Although some students still have several weeks of summer to enjoy, others are boarding buses to go back to school. Get your twins or multiples ready for the school year with these tips. 

Before Your Twins Board the Bus...
Twins & Multiples Spotlight10

Childproofing for Twins and Multiples

Families with twins or multiples need to take extra precautions when childproofing their homes.

Before You Deliver Multiples - Childbirth Classes for Twins and More

Parents of multiples should consider their options for childbirth education and preparation prior to labor and delivery of twins, triplets or more.

Preparing Older Siblings for the Birth of Twins or Multiples

When mom is pregnant with twins or multiples, siblings may require some preparation before the babies arrive. These tips for parents of multiples will help families prepare siblings for the birth of twins.

Twins in Different Grades

Parents of twins can face a tough choice if they have to decide to hold one twin back and put their twins in different grades. Here are some things for parents to consider about placing twins in different grades.

Are They Natural?

Parents of twins and multiples may have to answer sensitve questions about the origin of their conception.

Twin Discrimination

Sometimes twins and other multiples are denied opportunities and otherwise discriminated against based on their status as multiples.

Ten Things You've Always Wondered About Twins

Twins are associated with many mysteries and misconceptions. Get the facts about ten things you've always wondered about twins.

Gender Reveal Party for Twins! Boys? Girls? Or One of Each?

Planning a gender reveal party to announce your twins? Here are some suggestions for parents of twins as they plan a gender reveal party to unveil whether their baby twins are girls, boys or one of each.

Twin Pregnancy FAQ: What is the NICU?

Get the answers to frequently asked questions about pregnancy with twins, triplets and other multiples in this multiple birth FAQ. What is the NICU?

Is Having Twins the Same As Having Two Children Close in Age?

Is having twins the same as having two children the same age? Moms of twins explain the differences between having twins and having singletons.

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