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Prematurity and Multiple Birth

10 minute old fraternal twins, Zolli Nicole and Ashlee Janail-Vicki.

Many multiples are born early. Because multiples are especially at risk, it is important to be educated and informed about premature birth. What does it mean for your multiples?  

Born Before Their Time
Twins & Multiples Spotlight10

Make Time for Play

Excerpt from Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin's book, Twins 101, gives advice to parents of twins on how to get their make time for play with twins.

How To Determine if Your Twins are Fraternal or Identical

These strategies for determining twin type will help parents of twins and multiples determine whether their twins or multiples are identical or fraternal.

Can Twins Have Different Birthdays?

Twins are generally born on the same day but in some cases twins have different birthdays.

Help for Newborn Twins

What kind of help will you need when your twins are born? Examine some of the options for finding help with your newborn twins.

Teaching Twins Not to Share

Excerpt from Joan A. Friedman's book, Emotionally Healthy Twins detailing why twins shouldn't always have to share everything.

Twin Escalation Syndrome

Many families with multiples experience a behavioral phenomenon dubbed Twin Escalation Syndrome. Are your multiples afflicted? Though it's the children that exhibit the symptoms, it is the parents who suffer the effects. Take a humorous look at this "condition" and find out what families with multiples can do to reduce flare-ups.

Keep Your Twins Engaged in Learning This Summer

Keeping kids engaged in learning over the summer is important, especially for families with twins.

Ten Amazing Stories of Discovering Twins

Readers share amazing stories of the moment when they discovered they were pregnant with twins.

Identical Triplets

Identical triplets? An explanation and description of identical triplets, monozygotic triplets that form from a single egg/sperm combination.

Do You Have a Favorite Twin?

Some parents of multiples feel a preference towards one twin over the other, a "favorite" twin. Learn how to cope with these feelings and manage the dynamic within families with twins.

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