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Readers Respond: You Know You're a Mom of Multiples When...

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Updated August 05, 2009

When you're a mom of twins or multiples, you learn to do things just a little differently. Juggling the care of two or more same-age children simultaneously requires special multi-tasking skills, a double dose of patience, and a great sense of humor. Plus, who else can explain why boy/girl twins can't be identical or buys two of everything? Share your comments on mothering multiples by completing this sentence: "You Know You're a Mom of Multiples When..." Complete the Sentence

twin boys

When even if there are two of everything, they still want to fight over one, they work together to get into more mischief, always checking both diapers at the same time, they almost always want to run in different directions in public (which is why harnesses are AWESOME).... And feeling so much better about yourself after reading the article/comments because you're not alone! :-)
—Guest dillychild

You know you have twins on the way when.

...you are asked "Well aren't you just as pregnant as can be?!" and you say "No, I'm not. I have more than three months to go."
—Guest Sarah

Change of animalness

...when you, having always been a cat-person, and allergic as well, is seriously considering getting a sheepdog to keep the boys safe and under control. ...when you always count the kids. ...when you use earplugs to be able to think clearly while sorting out the situation. ...when there's suddenly two Luke Skywalkers running around in the video game. ...when you think introducing 4-year olds to dice-throwing is a sensible way to average justice. ...when you try to make everything a competition, to get anywhere at all. ...when you only half-jokingly ask the waitress for duck tape. ...when you always have to sit and wait for all the children to fall asleep to make sure they don't keep each other awake, and then sit for another half hour just listening to the adorable, peaceful snoring. ...you always get the question if they are twin girls, and always get to answer: "No. Boys. We don't cut hair." ..when you realise there really is a secret society for parents of twins, and you're a member
—Guest Ego sum Papa

mistaken identity

You wake up to crying baby, pick baby up, turn around and lay her on the bed only to realise she's still asleep and the crying is continuing behind you....
—Guest sjfromnz

Spending time w baby a is easy.

It's Thursday night and I get to spend time alone with my girl twin. I look forward to that every day!
—Guest Emily

My 3 sons

Folks ask; Are all of those yours? You say; Yup, all three of them. Folks say; Well bless your heart. (If your from the south, you know what I'm talking about)
—Guest Kevin V

Smelly bums

You are changing a pooey nappy and twin 2 has to try to get the dirty nappy or put her hands all over her sisters dirty bum before you have wiped it. They then both giggle at you when you realize the other twin has also done a poo and the same is going to happen again. Never a dull moment haha
—Guest Kristy

You know your a mom of twins when

You take your toddler twin boys for a walk with their year old sister and you look like a dog walker because all of them have harnesses on lol
—Guest Bridgette

Two Sets of Multiples

Your first question when buying a car is "how many it seats" and you turn it down if it's less than 7. Being productive sometimes takes a backseat to keeping the kids alive. Your parents or in-laws don't become babysitters but instead your parents AND in-laws become babysitters. The moment your spouse steps in the door from work you're practically throwing kids at them. You laugh at friends complaining about being tired from their one baby. You realize having seven babies on a Sims games is way easier than having two in real life. You go out as a family and are asked if they are all yours. You're lucky if you manage to shave more than twice a month. Your family takes up an entire pew in church. You have to buy several birthday cakes because each kid wants something different. You have to do laundry twice a week. People assume you run a daycare center. It is believed you are like Michelle Duggar leaving the number of children "up to God". People think you're a Mormon since you have so many kids.
—Guest Miria W.

You wouldnt have it any other way

You buy EVERYTHING in bulk. You haven't been to the hairdresser in months. You have to reserve a table to eat anywhere but McDonalds You've given up on the house being immaculate and settle for tidy (some days you settle for livable) Your over people asking if you've bought a bigger T.V You panic when its quiet You catch yourself sounding like a sargent in the army. You cant find anyone crazy enough to babysit People stop smiling when you tell them how many children you have You don't sweat the little things anymore You count children while you're out to make sure you haven't lost one. It hard, you've forgotten what sleep is, you'd choose a bath, book and silence over a night at the pub but you're never short of a hug and cant imagine things any other way.
—Guest Jodz


When you've got two babies in the double pram(that dosnt fit down any shop aisle) one child perched on the front and you're pulling an overflowing trolly with number four in it, all the way put to the last carpark in the lot because some unthoughtful person with no kids is parked in one of the five car parks set aside for parent.
—Guest Jody Wood

Tooth Fairy

When you have to do tooth fairy duties twice in one week for the same tooth only opposite side.
—Guest Katrina


When you can witness your children go from fighting over who does any activity first to watching one of them break her banana in half to share with her sister who has dropped hers on the ground.
—Guest SereJoce Mom


It's three a.m.You don't know who just climbed into bed with you but you sniff for urine...
—Guest Geanine

Twin boys 15-months

...when you read this entire list crying and laughing, feeling a sense of belonging, sanity, and "I'm not alone!!"
—Guest ZombieMom

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You Know You're a Mom of Multiples When...

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