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Readers Respond: You Know You're a Mom of Multiples When...

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Updated August 05, 2009

When you're a mom of twins or multiples, you learn to do things just a little differently. Juggling the care of two or more same-age children simultaneously requires special multi-tasking skills, a double dose of patience, and a great sense of humor. Plus, who else can explain why boy/girl twins can't be identical or buys two of everything? Share your comments on mothering multiples by completing this sentence: "You Know You're a Mom of Multiples When..."

Love having may children around you

...When you can make them burp and breast feed them at the same time, carry both of them at the same time no matter their weight; can cook, do the laundry, wash your hair and play with them. Mostly when you can love them both equally...
—Guest Nkoli Duka

Betting on due date

Pregnant 34 weeks, being a petite person, that huge belly was always a head turner, but this was outrageous. At a grocery store an old man says to me, "you must pop up any moment", I say, "I have another heavy month to go", he says, "i can bet you cannot make it" I was really stunned, I was praying daily that I should be holding my boys in till 38th week; and this man is sure that I wont be able to. I said, "well, I ll let know you if I make it".
—Guest Twin amma

You preplan shopping

you have to plan out the stores you will be shopping at. Will this store have double doors so the stroller can fit through? Will the isles be wide enough to get around? Will this market have a double-seated shopping cart? I've even called ahead to see if the store provides carts with double seats. I go to a certain grocery store because they provide double seat carts and the other one doesn't...their loss!
—Guest dheals

getting sick

When you take one of your twins to the doctor because he/she is sick then you ask the doctor for two perscriptions because you know the other twin will be catching to really soon
—Guest Cheryl

twins equal peace

U know u are a mom of triplets when one spends the nite at grandmas and u think 2 toddlers equals peace and quiet.
—Guest mom of 3

its cute when

People come up to the triple stroller and ask if the girls are twins and I tell them no they are triplets, my son is the oldest. I first get awes then it goes to oh and the conversation ends or God bless you.
—Guest Katie

Did you get the buy 1 get 1 free special

I just laugh and try to walk on. You ignore more and more people I swear! I just wish strangers would actually think before they open their mouths!

two baby boys

when one falls asleep and just as you're falling asleep, the other one wakes up :)
—Guest maria m.


the first thing a stranger always asks is, "Are they identical?" And instead of explaining the ins and outs of the term "identical" you just say, "Can you tell them apart? Ok then." (:
—Guest Mommyof 2-2 year olds

you know your a mom of multiples when...

Im a mom of a pair of twins and a set of triplets, when ever I go anywhere with them everyone looks at me like "holy crap, how can you handle all those kids?". I actually like looking at some peoples expressions lol. Im thinking of making my own family soccer team of 5!
—Guest momma13

Everything is double

you have to buy everything in two and had to care for two babies
—Guest omotunde


you give your friends twins a ride and don't think twice about the fact that you have 2 set of 4 year old twins in your car. It's just two more....... (People think I am crazy to got out with 4 - 4 year olds)
—Guest Elin


When a stranger sees you for the first time with the twins & start by asking, "Are you always tired?" & end with, "Good luck."
—Guest Love Twins

You know you're the mom of multiples...

when you see a new baby with their shell-shocked looking parents and only feel contempt. I mean really, how hard is it to take care of one baby at a time?
—Guest Amy's girls

How far apart

When someone says how far apart, you say five minutes, they look at you and repeat the question until they go , OH so they are twins? Yep!
—Guest Jennifer D

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