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Readers Respond: Why I Had Twins

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Updated March 23, 2009

What's your theory? What do you think causes a person to have twins? Tell me about your family's story. Is it hereditary? Reproductive assistance? Or just plain luck? Share Your Reason

After repeat miscarriages

I have a 3 year old and then I had a molar and couldn't try again for a year after that. The following year I had 3 miscarriages including a set of twins where I lost one then the other. That one hit me the hardest, what had done, blessed with twins only to lose them. I thought we can try again but you can't just get the twins back. Apparently I can, I am now pregnant with identicals. No one knows why the egg splits but I guess my body likes to do that and got wrong every other time last year.
—Guest Katspj


My set of fraternal twins were first ones in my maternal family. I attributed it to a lot of sunshine. Happened over a weekend of camping and water-skiing, but also while I was just coming off the pill. My daughter is now pregnant with her first pregnancy at 25 and is having twins. She was eating a lot of sweet potatoes during the holiday. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, but she had just stopped using her BCP as well.
—Guest Elizabeth Mchargue

Twins running amuck in my family !

My grandfather on my dads side was identical. My father would say how they were so identical he couldn't tell them apart. Then my grandfather had a set of identical twin daugthers. My grandfathers brother has grandchildren , greatgrands n great great grands. My mom n dad got married after 6 kids with only 4 surviving n my mom was age 40 they my sister n I we r identical twins. On my dad side their over 35 sets of twins in his family which includes a mixture of identical n fraternal twins. As an adult I met 2 sets on my moms mother side the fraternals were the aunts to the identical. On my moms father side I met 5 sets 2 were I denti Cal n 3 were franternal. I forgot to mention my younger sister had twins but lost one n my nephew has a set of fraternal twins. I'm hoping to have twins identical one day ! I also grew up in a community where I was surrounded by twins now there's a triplets there. For those who want twins like me I hope n pray we all get what we want. God bless !
—Guest Yerusha

i love god so much!

My grandmother was supposed to have a set of boy/girl twins, but she had a miscarriage and they both died. I am a girl and i am a twin to a boy but he died before i was born:/ and then my mom got pregnant again and had boy/girl twins! And now IM 6months pregnant with a baby girl and a baby boy!:D I guess boy/girl twins run through our family
—Guest please god i beg of you!

twin boys

I am no 50 years old and have twin boys age15. I was told then that no one in my family has twins and my children's father's family cannot recall anyone in his family who has twins. I did not use any type of fertility, so from my experience, one can have twins w/o it being in the genes.
—Guest Marcia N

Twin having twins

First of all, fraternal twins is only on moms side (what would a man have to do with hyperovulating) If your husband is a twin, it has nothing to do with y ou having twins. The more twins on the maternal side, the more likely you are to have twins, it's a myth that it is every other generation.
—Guest Molly Griffin


Had triplets on my side had one baby at 18 and pregnant with triplets one year later three boys 2 years later pregnant again triplets girls now 15 months old
—Guest Bridget

Only He knows......

I have boy/girl twins. I simply prayed for them. I had an older child before me and my DH got married. We stayed for a while without trying and then I found out I had (without knowing) concieved and then miscarried. So after that I just prayed to God and basically asked God for a boy and a girl. As I was going though my prayers in preperation for conception, i would see twins everywhere I went! I told my DH and he thought it was hilarious especially as we didnt have any history of twins in our families. Lo and behold i concieved and was hit with the worst morning sickness, by the time I managed to get an appointment with my Dr. all I was concerned about was how many weeks the pregnancy wasso that the 1st trimester could finish already! You can imagine my shock when the Dr. told me I was having twins! Boy and girl are now aged 2 1/2, boy looks exactly like Dad and girl like Mom. So I always tell my DH to be careful when it comes to prayers.....God Answers.
—Guest Shine


I found out at my 7 week ultrasound that I was carrying twins but my boyfriend has no twins history on his side and technically neither do I because my uncle (my mother's brother) and his ex wife had fraternal twins...
—Guest Caara

Pregnant first cycle coming off the pill

I have boy/girl twins who are now 3. I believe the withdrawal from the pill caused hyper ovulation which caused my twin pregnancy (children 3 and 4) but I am very fertile anyway so may be natural.
—Guest Kat

Always talking about twins

First pregnancy was carring twins but one stopped developing at 16 weeks and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, when she was 4 years we tried again but had complication and lost the baby at 7 and half months after 3years we tried again and 1st visit didn't show anything then 1st time I had something like morning sickness which turns out to be more like stomach ulcer and we went for another ultrasound because I was not eating well and got the news we are having twins, so over the moon and still can't stop talking about twins and happy with them
—Guest Lisa


I at 19 had my first child then at 20 had another and then 21 had another one!!!. 7 years passed and I fell pregnant again and was told that by solidly breast feeding I would not fall pregnant, I was going to get a tubal ligation done when I gave birth however I became very ill so had to wait. I went for tests before attempting to get my tubes done and it revealed I was pregnant!!!! The night before my husband and I joked around saying what if its twins??? Twins do run heavily in both sides of my mums parents families but I thought I was clear.....WRONG the ultra sound showed two babies!!!! We now have a 10, 9 ,8, 14mth old and two very healthy 4 and a half month old girls!!!! Hectic, lot's of sleepless nights but wouldn't change it if I could they were meant to be all of them were. I get judged a lot and the stares and comments are un real but people can think what they want. I worked whilst pregnant with my children and after birth without putting them into child care.
—Guest Vi


I'm pretty sure I got pregnant with twins from having intercourse multiple times within a few hours.
—Guest sue

why i had twins

Twins run in my family.. Maternal side. my Grreat Grandmother had twins, Grandma had twins, my Mother had twins, (would of been triplets , one miscarried. and then i had twins... 4 generation straight in my family.. but in reality was only susposed to be every other Generation.. well i broke that theroy..lol with my two Beautiful Daughers..
—Guest sally

Identical Boy Twins

It took my husband and I 12 years to concieve our daughter in 2008 so it really surprised me that I was only 4 months postpartum with her when I found out I was pregnant with my son in 2009. We were trying for one more child in the summer of 2013 so I started seeing the OB/GYN to make sure any issues were cleared up and in Jan 2012 he told me that the egg was too large and wouldn't ovulate so we had fun and in March 2012 we found out we were having twins and it took 8 ultrasounds to find out that they were monochorionic/diamniotic (identical with same placenta but separate sacs). They are now 4 weeks old and are extremely hard to tell apart. I want more children but right now have 4 children under 3!!!!
—Guest Verda

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Why I Had Twins

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