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Readers Respond: Why I Had Twins

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Updated March 23, 2009

What's your theory? What do you think causes a person to have twins? Tell me about your family's story. Is it hereditary? Reproductive assistance? Or just plain luck?

No idea

Ok, so I didn't match any of the criteria. I am 30, never been pregnant before, absolutely no family history on my side of twins and it was only our third month trying. I am now 22 week pregnant with two boys, everything is separate so they tell me they are most likely fraternal, but I guess I won't know for sure until we get them tested. It still overwhelms me a little, it was just never something I ever imagined for myself!
—Guest Spangles

Natural/Runs in family

Before I even got pregnant my dad had mentioned twins ran in his side of the family, didn't pay much attention. So when I found out I was having twins and they were identical I began asking my dad questions. Apparently his Aunt on his mom's side had identical girls, then one of them had identicals as well. I'm third generation on my side and the first one to have twins since then, since the late 60's early 70's. I had never met those twins but it was a HUGE shock to find out we were having identical twins. I know they say its not genetic, but I believe it had to do something with that. I also had an abortion last year, for my own reasons, and I just feel this is god's way of giving me back that child I gave up. In a taunting loving way, I am thrilled to be having identical boys!
—Guest Identical surprise

mummy sandra

hi i had two sets of non -identical twins[boys dan and matt now aged 29 and girls cheryl and amy now aged 25]my daughter cheryl is days away from delivering no id boys!i had two singleton boys and a singleton girl before my twins and misscarried a third set of non id twins my children range in age now from 25 to 40 and i have 13 grandchildren now [i love all of them dearly!] good luck and happy days to you all
—Guest sandra f


we were trying to conceive for a year .. I heard that drinking sag tea for two weeks after your period helps having twins so i did .. Its an aisian medicin .. I think it worked
—Guest bobo

I believe that God gives twins

I believe that God gives twins. I am so happy to read all the responses and in particular, the ones that mention prayer and blessings. I believe that God gives twins even where it is not hereditary and I look forward to the day it will happen to me too.
—Guest Joy

Wished for twins

I'm 31, planned for a second pregnancy. I prayed to God for twins...and got them. Expecting soon!
—Guest Ethy

Why I had Twins

This was my 5th pregnancy,after two miscarriages prior to getting pregnant with fraternal twin boys. I am 35 years old. I was also told this was the 5th set of fraternal twins on my mothers side. This is just coincidence but my brother and his wife also had a set of boy/girl fraternal twins as well,which I thought was pretty neat. Im not quite sure what caused my twin exactly but I believe it was a number of factors all mixed together. Age,number of pregnancies,and running in the family (which I did not know this and never met them nor have I ever seen pictures) but this was told to me from my grandmother. Most females on my mothers side of the family have had hysterectomies before the age of 30 too for some reason. I have been lucky to avoid that one. The only medical problem I have been diagnosed with is that I have cysts on both ovaries. Two on the left and one on the right,when I was 25 years old.
—Guest Roberta Ashley


I knew twins ran on my mothers side of the family. I talked to my dads sister after finding out I was having twins 10/19/11 and she told me twins also ran on my dads side of the family, I never knew that. After telling my kids dad I was having twins bng thats when he told me, oh I forgot to tell you twins run on my side of the family as well. I have two other daughters that are 3yrs/5yrs old they are 23mos apart their b-day is 3weeks apart. People always ask me if they are twins they are almost the same height and they both wear the same size clothes which are girls 4/5-5/6. When I found out I was having bng twins I cried for days well really months. I said how could I ever take care of them, but GOD knows whats ahead we don't. I can't wait to get back to church with my twins and my other daughters. I look at this as GOD getting my attention since all the other situations I got myself into did not wake me up or get my attention.

Guest V.

I was 36 when I got pregnant. Had just lost a lot of weight, and was ovulating again. Nature dropped two eggs!
—Guest Guest

Just like the movie Knocked Up, with 2

My Grandparents had twins that they had lost before birth. My Dad's brother also had twins. I am the lucky one of my generation (so far) who just found out I was having twins... I kept making jokes about having twins, I think deep down I knew. Sure enough, found out yesterday.... I am blaming genetics.
—Guest smj0808

Why I had Twins...

I am a twin that had Twins. Including my mom & dads last 4 generations, we've had 10 sets. If anyone would have a true conception secret for you, it would be me. Truth is, there is none. Its a blessing from God. Start with living for Him. He may bless you with twins as he sees fit for his plans. If he blesses you with a singleton, Praise him. If you have no children yet, praise him. There is a reason for everything.
—Guest Amy G

why I had twins

I had twins because of the family history,both my grandparents had twins,my mother had two sets and now me ,its difficult but there is joy in the end of everything you go throuhgh,I love my two boys so much.
—Guest fatima

How in the world?

We had tried for 3 years to get pregnant & had a little boy. When he was 3 we became pregnant again but this time we miscarried. Exactly a year after the miscarriage I found out I was pregnant & this time it was twins!! we found out at our 8 week ultrasound there were 2 babies. My husband saw the 2 black spots on the screen first! I was adopted so as far as I know there is no family history of twins on my side. My husband's family had twins a few generations back on his mother's side. The amazing part of this story (to me) is that my aunt & uncle on my dad's side are fraternal twins like my boys... again I was adopted! Having fraternal twins myself has created a special bond with my grandmother. My cousin & his wife (also on my dads side) have twin boys who are a year old now. God certainly has a way of making sure you are part of the family!! Our boys are amazing-all 3 of them! Having twins came very unexpectedly and has come with its challenges but i wouldn't have it any other way!
—Guest Michelle Flaningan


My identical girls addison n ashlyn are 3, and the smartest little girls ever. I wanted just one more baby when my oldest daughter was 17 months old. Well I found out at 7wks I was having twins! I was shocked, the day before my b-i-l said I was going to be so fat I was going to have twins! Didnt think it was really going to happen! Im one of 8 kids and my mom alway wanted twins, and now she has them without all the work!
—Guest Amy

God's sense of humor??

We have no history of twins in our family, but we do have a history of infertility. I was to begin fertility treatments, but I found out I was pregnant. We had our daughter & tried again when she was 3 w/o treatments. I didn't get pregnant, but was OK with that, and left it to God. When she was 6, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer, & when her tumor turned out to be non-cancerous, we decided we were content with just having her. A year later, over New Year's weekend, I realized I was late with my period (always 26-28 days). I was taking an antibiotic for a sinus infection that stated "do not take during pregnancy". I took a pregnancy test, and saw a faint +. Took another- same result & freaked out. At 5 weeks, my mom looked at me and said "you're having twins", I said "you're crazy". My ultrasound @ 9 weeks confirmed my mom's prediction. 30 weeks later, I had healthy fraternal twin girls. They are now 5 and I still have no idea why, but I do know that I am truly blessed!

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