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Readers Respond: Amazing Stories of Twin Telepathy, Unspoken Communication, or Empathy

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Updated May 04, 2011

From the article: Twin Telepathy
One of the magical mysteries associated with multiples is that they share a special connection beyond that of ordinary siblings. While the twin bond is a special aspect of their unique relationship, sometimes it is endowed with extraordinary supernatural qualities. Many families can relate stories about incidences where twins seemed able to read each other's minds, even without speaking or seeing each other. Share your stories that illustrate this special connection between twins. Share Your Stories

Sharing the pain

I have fraternal twin girls who are now 22 months old. Over the last few months the following three instances made me think they definitely have some sort of twin telepathy/ empathy going on: 1. R fell and hurt herself on the cheek just below her right eye. The next morning K woke up with a sty in her right eye which was swollen 2. K fell off her crib one night but was totally fine. The next morning R woke up with a random 100 fever 3. R threw up one night as we were going to bed. I was sure she would wake up in the middle of the night asking for milk. She slept soundly, instead K woke up asking for milk at 3.30am and drank all 8oz of it.
—Guest RK

Twin Telepathy

I am an identical twin, I have had a few of these myself. Me and my sister were swimmers years ago. One day as my sister pushed off the wall, she stopped and said her foot was hurting. The Life guard asked if it was a bruise or if she was bleeding. My sister took her foot out of the water, I was horrified at what I saw. She had 6 inch wide 6 inch deep cut on her foot, my vision was going blurry, as if I was losing the blood. Later I had a terrible pain on my foot, I almost couldn't walk by my self. My sister got 16 stitches to close her wound. Another incident was when one day I was shopping with my mom. I had to leave because I was feeling a terrible gas pain in my stomach around 1:00 p.m. Later on me and my mom pick my sister up from school. She said she was feeling a terrible gas feeling in her stomach too. My mom asked at what time and my sister said at the exact same time as I had the pain. These incidents have had me wondering a lot.
—Guest AnimalLover95

Bailee and Jada's broken wrist

One of my twin girls fell off the monkey bars and doctors thought she had broken her wrist. The same day, at the same time, her sister started screaming in pain, she had a broken wrist. Her sister hadn't...
—Guest Izzie

Speaking out

Me and my twin sister are very close. Our rooms are about five feet apart. Well we were at a friends house and the mom of our friend asked a question and we both said the same thing at the exact moment of each other. When we realized we were talking at the same time, we both stopped talking at the same time as well. I was sitting in one of my classes thinking about my boyfriend and I got super happy. Well I got a text form my sister not even a minute later asking why I was so happy. When we listen to music together we start moving our heads at the same time. We get some of the same grades. We can be sitting right next to each other and look at each other and just start to laugh. When we can finally talk again, it turns out we were thinking about something funny. We can tell if the other is upset or mad. We love each other so much that we go everywhere with each other. I love her so much that if someone is mean to her I'm right there backing her up. Twins rule forever.
—Guest TwinsAlways

My Friend's Twins

A friend of mine has twin girls that are five years old. About a year ago, I took them to Ikea & while we were on the 2nd floor one twin wanted to go to the playroom on the 1st floor there while the other didn't. My son took the one that wanted to go while I continued shopping w/ the other. Once they were out of sight (and presumably already downstairs judging by the amount of time that had passed), the one that was w/ me kept stopping & looking rather intent like she was listening for something. I asked her what was wrong & she said "My sister is crying." I didn't hear anything. Not long after, my son & the other twin came back b/c once she got down to the playroom she changed her mind & started crying. I told them they have to cut it out w/ the creepy twin ESP thing around me lol.
—Guest Tiffany


I have a twin sister and I'm 5 minutes older and I'll think about something that happened such a long time ago and right before I'm about to spit it out she's says it and it does freak me out! We're totally different, different hair, different eye colour. She had freckles. I have glasses. She's my best friend though :)) Always know when she's hurting mentally
—Guest furternal twin sister

Kidney Stone

Recently, I was in severe pain for several hours passing a kidney stone...felt like I was going to die. Unbeknownst to me, my twin brother was in an ER 400 miles away with a kidney stone also...very weird. Also, years ago my pilot brother was involved in a helicopter crash. That entire day I had a very uneasy feeling that something was wrong with him. I didn't find out about this incident until several days later...again very freaky. Can't even say that we were incredibly close growing up and have had limited contact in the past 20 years...but there is obviously something to be said for this sort of "twin connection".
—Guest Luna

pregnancy dreams

So I'm 40 weeks and one day pregnant with my first child I went to the hospital and they said I wasn't dilated at all and had no signs labor was coming soon and they might induce me later that night my twin brother had a dream about me in pain and goin into labor and last night I start having really strong contractions n lost my MP and i think imma go into labor soon its weird cuz Da exact outfit I had on in my brother dream I had on last night n my contractions woke me out of my sleep n my brother called and asked was everything ok
—Guest 16Preg

Twin Telepathy

My male twin brother and I share some uncanny moments. Most are just instances when we both happen to think of something completely random for example: When growing up we loved the game show "Super Market Sweep" one day quite recently I happened to think of it and sent him a youtube video of it. To my surprise he said that just earlier that day he thought of it too and looked up videos of it! We also seem to "know" when the other is upset or hurt. When I tore a ligament in my knee playing volleyball he knew something was up and called my mom simply stating "somethings wrong with Kathy". Also once when he had a very bad flu at college (we go to different schools 3 hours apart) I felt slightly sick myself and knew something was up with him. We really don't know what the other is thinking at any given moment but we do have an uncanny connection!
—Guest Kathy

scientific validation

emotional response (hurt, love, sympathy, anger) are clear emotional transferences that demonstrate psychopathic transference. the tests are not valid and cannot measure emotional telepathy because 1) scientific symbols are just that and limited in nature of emotional description and not sufficient for emotional transference (love, anger, pain) which may be easier to transmit because of intensity. in the standard tests, the controlled and cognitive (not emotional) thought is conceptual only and not emotional (stronger). it is clear in every day life we have emotional empathy and telepathy. just not in the weaker scientific or conceptual thoughts.
—Guest al leong

Sister Love

My twins girls age 8 are so identical that they have the urge to use the toilet at the same time.They sometimes say the same things and the same time. When either twin is getting sick,the twin that's not going to be sick,will get a fever and then I know its her twin that's going to be sick. They are so caring with each when one of them are sad or had a a bad day. They are my pride and joy. Wouldn't trade them for anything in this world
—guest Angel girls

Sister Love

My twins girls age 8 are so identical that they have the urge to use the toilet at the same time.They sometimes say the same things and the same time. When either twin is getting sick,the twin that's not going to be sick,will get a fever and then I know its her twin that's going to be sick. They are so caring with each when one of them are sad or had a a bad day. They are my pride and joy. Wouldn't trade them for anything in this world
—Guest guest Angel girls

knew the moment my twin passed

My Brother And I best Friends All Threw Child Hood. I Distance My Self From Him When He Started Using Drugs. I Always Thought He Would Get Sober. He Was Attacked The Day Before Our Birthday. I Sat Straight Up In Bed That Night, Crying Uncontrollably. I Knew Something Had Happened To Him. It Felt Like A Major Anxiety Attack. His Soul Left His Body That Night. While I Sat InBed Distraught I Figure Appeared By My Bed Room Door It Was Him. His Body Fought Fir Two Months Before His Heart Failed.
—Guest lost

Twin Education

Me (I am a boy) and my sister are non-identical twins and we have everything different such as hair color, eye color, skin, emotions, and personalities. However, we do have a strange twin thing. And Its all about math. We always have the same exact answer, right or wrong, and we have the same exact test scores. we are in different math periods with the same teacher and we still have the same answer. Its not only in math. While I'm in my science period, and she's in her social studies period, for some odd reason I start writhing an essay on the war of fort Sumter and she was taking notes on biology! It was a strange event and even our teachers noticed what happened. i still have our mixed-up papers today, and will always have an educational connection with my twin sister.
—Guest hawaiiantwin808

Twin Telepathy

When I was a teenager, while separated from my twin because we went to different high schools, I was hiking in Canada. At the crest of the mountain, I suddenly had a mental picture of my twin surrounded by laughing children in a forest. It puzzled me because I thought she was in a high school biology class at the time. Later I would learn she'd volunteered to be a counselor at a 6th graders' science camp - and yes - it was located in a forest - she'd been telling them funny stories at the time and they'd been laughing! Also, while in college, I was gripped suddenly by cramping so intense I had to be carried out of the room. I learned later this happened at the precise moment my twin went into labor. Another more recent time I was headed to Mexico on a secret getaway. The night before I was scheduled to leave, my twin phoned and said, "you're going somewhere - and it's foreign!" Though we've always had this connection, it's been purely spontaneous. So I doubt we could be tested for it.
—Guest Catherine Lenox

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Amazing Stories of Twin Telepathy, Unspoken Communication, or Empathy

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