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Readers Respond: Amazing Stories of Twin Telepathy, Unspoken Communication, or Empathy

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Updated May 04, 2011

From the article: Twin Telepathy
One of the magical mysteries associated with multiples is that they share a special connection beyond that of ordinary siblings. While the twin bond is a special aspect of their unique relationship, sometimes it is endowed with extraordinary supernatural qualities. Many families can relate stories about incidences where twins seemed able to read each other's minds, even without speaking or seeing each other. Share your stories that illustrate this special connection between twins.

Sharing the pain

I have fraternal twin girls who are now 22 months old. Over the last few months the following three instances made me think they definitely have some sort of twin telepathy/ empathy going on: 1. R fell and hurt herself on the cheek just below her right eye. The next morning K woke up with a sty in her right eye which was swollen 2. K fell off her crib one night but was totally fine. The next morning R woke up with a random 100 fever 3. R threw up one night as we were going to bed. I was sure she would wake up in the middle of the night asking for milk. She slept soundly, instead K woke up asking for milk at 3.30am and drank all 8oz of it.
—Guest RK


My sister and I have experienced this and we arent twins, but two years apart. One day she went hiking with her friend and got a sunburn. I hadn't been out in the sun but i ended up with a sunburn in the exact same place!
—Guest Britt11

Freaky twin tricks

We are identical twins born in 1946 and have always been best friends even to the exclusion of anyone else including our other sister or our mom. We really have not ever seemed to had needed anyone else. She even gave me stem cells a few years ago to help me fight multiple myeloma and we're all better now. I think the freakiest thing we've ever done was our imaginary baby brother "Fred". We both talked to him and knew where he was at all times and would scream if someone attempted to sit on him or move him. Our mother was totally freaked over this. We don't know when we grew away from him, but we did. When we were little we talked (to each other) in our sleep. I don't know if any of this is telepathic, but it is a special connection and don't ever want to be without it. Yup, we've done the same clothes thing almost every day of our adult separated lives living in different countries. Even our 4 little Cavalier spaniels look alike and we can still stop traffic.
—Guest Twinonelg

identical twins & mental telepathy

—Guest carilyn miller

Twin telepathy

I am not really a twin or anything but I think that twins will know what the other is feeling because that they were a long time together, so they know each other well. Exemple:When you know a friend for a long time, you will know most of the things that he is thinking and he will probably know too. This is my opinion so if you think that I am not right you are aloud to speak yours.
—Guest Opinion

Strange but true!

I'm an identical twin. Lots of twins say that telepathy doesn't exist between twins, but I think it depends a lot on the twins involved, since we share each other's pain, memories and thoughts a lot of the time. I cry when she gets hurt, and she bleeds when I bash my face, that sort of stuff. Although our thoughts to each other aren't like speaking, we have conversations and often annoy our older sister when we're in a room as we don't speak. There's no need. To all the people who say if you have telepathy then you're just attention seeking, you're wrong. I think being an identical twin has a lot to do with it, and also in all our schools we're been in the same class, so our whole lives we've been together. We get annoyed with people always asking, but it IS fun to prove skeptics wrong with our 'game'. They tell Erin (my twin) a colour, or a shape, or an animal, something simple, and after about 20 seconds, I can tell them without hesitation exactly what it was.
—Guest Idgey


Theres nothing special about twins, it's all coincidence. Just as it is with normal human beings, after knowing eachother for most of their lives then it's only obvious that they would know the other twins personality and sync with that. If twins now really do have telepathic powers then you can call me Harry Potter from Hogwarts. Even if me and my twin have our moments, we don't cross the border of sanity for the sake of mystery. Stick to facts and science.
—Guest Guest Kai

We are a mirror in our actions

My sister and are mirror twins she leftie and I am a rightie. I am taking classes to work in an office setting. She works in an office. I hurt my knee once and she hurt the opposite elbow at the exact same time. We don't live in the same city. We have fraternal twin siblings too,and they are a mirror in their life's too. There is real truth to the'twin thing'. We have lived it over and over again. Even our hair parts naturally on the opposite sides.
—Guest Mirror twins


i have fraternal boy-girl twins and i've noticed that sometimes it seems like one feels the others pain for them. for example, the boy will bump his head on the table, and not cry. but his sister will burst into tears over apparently nothing.
—Guest heather

Was Amazing!!

I have 7 year old, identical twins boys. Tonight, I was helping my one son, Jacob, practice his spelling homework, his twin brother, Ethan, was washing his hands in the kitchen. I was pointing to the words, asking Jacob to say the words for me. He didn't know what word it was, as Ethan yells from the kitchen "her". lol, i thought in my mind & pointed to another word, again Jacob wasn't sure of the word & Ethan yells out "its girl". omg, how did he know that, i thought. Jacob knew the next 2 words, but not the next & as i asked what it was... Ethan yelled out "work". I was laughing, wondering how did he know these words, there was no way he could see them. Now has me wondering.... can they read each others minds?!? Has anyone else had similar things happen before?


Wow! When I was very young, I fell and hit my head in the playground, cutting my head open and needing stitches. The next week, the exact same thing happened to my sister, and on the same day of the week, and the same time! As for the telepathy, I sure believe it. My sister and I are always having arguments about whether I said something, or she did!
—Guest J


My sister and I are identical twins. We both share the same memories, in descriptive detail, even the emotions involved during the event. We both remember who was there with us, what we were wearing,etc.. We can never determine who it actually happened to. I often complain to our mom that she is stealing my memories. lol
—Guest sarah

Almost Death!

I am a triplet. A girl with 2 brothers. One brother past when he was almost a year old. Gage and I are 37 this Feb. Gage fell 15 ft onto cement landing on his head. Neurosurgeon said he will be put into a coma and be on a ventalator when he comes out of surgery. He broke his neck, collarbone and split his head wide open. Expect the worst they said. Someone was watching over him that day, because he came out of surgery "talking, moving every limb and no brain damage at all!" Doctors were just amazed about all this. Not knowing at the time. I was very sick with "the flu." Symptoms starting 2 days before this and the day it happened I couldn't function to go to work and I always make it to work. At the time of his fall I was throwing up a lot and very weak, hot & cold sweats. A couple hrs later my sister calls about Gage. Between midnight and 4am the next night Gage was in so much pain and put on oxygen. Well at the same time I'm throwing up profusely. What is happening??
—Guest Sophie

Depends on the individual

I believe it's true that some twins don't have any form of telepathy or empathy at all, while I also believe that others do. My great grandmother was an identical twin and moved to Australia from England, while her twin stayed in England. One day, she had an awful pain in one of her arms and couldn't explain it. She went to the hospital but the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with the arm at all. About a week later, she received a letter from her twin saying she had fallen and broken an arm - the same one that my great grandmother felt the pain in. Also, just like in the article, if you have known someone for a long time, you do things similar or have similar thoughts, etc, like my sister and I. We're not twins, but I moved interstate for 2 & 1/2 years and when I visited my family, we discovered we'd bought the same purse.
—Guest Mel

Fraternal Twins

My twin sister and I have had the "twin thing" happen before. When we were little and playing t-ball, we were both in the outfield and in the same game I got hit in the chin with the ball and my sister got hit in the stomach with the ball and then SHE lost the tooth! It was crazy.
—Guest Nikki

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