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Leave it to the Pros - Holiday Photos of Twins - Alessandra & Annaliese

Submit an Entry: Multiples Holiday Greetings - Families of Multiples Share Their Holiday Photos

By Twinpossible

Updated December 13, 2011

Leave it to the Pros - Holiday Photos of Twins - Alessandra & Annaliese

Cutest DEFINITE fraternal twins. (Well, to this mom.)

What's your holiday wish this year?

For a happy and healthy family..always!

Meet My Family

Alessandra & Annaliese. 21 months old.

Our Holiday Picture Was Taken...

At JC Penney in the mall. They weren't in a great mood, but I was sooo insistant on getting at least one photo of the two of them. I got two, by the grace of God.

Got to love those twinkies!!

December 2, 2011- The day they turned 21 months old. Time flies by SO fast!

Tips and Tricks

  • Go to somebody else but me.. HA HA. I take great pics, but sometimes you gotto leave it to the pros.

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