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Be Prepared for Pictures - Zach and Alex - Twins Holiday Photo

Submit an Entry: Multiples Holiday Greetings - Families of Multiples Share Their Holiday Photos

By Brenda Anderson

Updated December 10, 2010

Be Prepared for Pictures - Zach and Alex - Twins Holiday Photo

Meet My Family

Zach & Alex Anderson, 20-month identical twins. They love spending time outside, this picture was after a recent snowfall in MN.

Our Holiday Picture Was Taken...

Our boys love playing outside, this picture was taken after a recent snowfall in MN. I think they were putting there heads together to figure out how they were going to get down their slide with all the snow piled on it?

I've learned to always bring the camera outside, you never know when you'll have a good picture opportunity.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always have a camera close by, good picture opportunities happen quickly, one needs to be prepared.

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