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Jackson and Connor - Halloween Costumes for Twins - Cowboy Costumes

Share Your Story: Halloween Costumes for Twins

By tash881

Updated October 27, 2010

Jackson and Connor - Halloween Costumes for Twins - Cowboy Costumes

Howdy Partner

Multiples Names

Jackson & Connor

Age of Multiples in Picture


Zygosity of Multiples (Fraternal, Identical or Unknown)


Our Halloween Costumes


Halloween Costume Details

I love making costumes for the kids with "found" items. Much less expensive & more creative IMO! Plus the kids can wear the jeans & flannel shirts anytime during the winter. They still play with the hats a year later. I found all these items at either my local twins club resale, garage sales or the dollar store!

Tips and Tricks

  • We live in a rural area, cowboys were just appropriate!

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