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Toddler Multiples: Twins, Triplets, and More From Age 1 - 4

Teams of toddler twins, triplets or more can really keep their parents on their toes! Parents of multiples employ special strategies for childproofing, potty training and taming tantrums.
  1. Potty Training (4)

Make Time for Play Twins 101 by
Excerpt from Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin's book, Twins 101, gives advice to parents of twins on how to get their make time for play with twins.

Teaching Twins Not to Share
Excerpt from Joan A. Friedman's book, Emotionally Healthy Twins detailing why twins shouldn't always have to share everything.

Twin Talk (Idioglossia)
Some twins exhibit twin talk or idioglossia, a secret language between twins.

Bathing Twins: Tips for Making Bathtime Easier with Twins, Triplets or More
Parents of twins, triplets and multiples will find these helpful hints and quick tips useful when bathing their twins and multiples. These are tips to make bathtime with twins and multiples easier and safer.

Choosing a Pediatrician for Twins/Multiples
These tips will help you choose a pediatrician or doctor for your twins or multiples. Parents of twins, triplets or other multiples have special considerations for choosing a pediatric doctor for their children.

Dealing with Dawdlers - Five Ways to Discourage Your Multiples from Dawdling
Help defeat dawdling multiples with these tips for parents of twins or more. Dawdling is a typical preschool behavior, but parents can discourage their children from dawdling with these strategies.

Safety Gadgets for Childproofing Your Home
Parents of twins, triplets and other multiples need to take extra precautions in safeguarding their homes, going beyond the normal guidelines for childproofing. Working together as a team, a set of two or more toddlers can often outdo the efforts of a single child, scaling greater heights, exploring more remote cabinets and outdoing restraints with greater efficiency.

Speech Delays in Twins/Multiples
Many twins and other multiples experience delays in speech and language development. Find out how to identify potential problems in your children, and what to do if you suspect a delay.

Twin & Multiple Toddlers
Parents of toddler twins, triplets or other multiples may get more sleep than when their children are babies, but reaching toddlerhood presents a whole other set of sleep issues for toddler twins and multiples. Here are some solutions to sleep problems with twins, triplets and multiples.

Step 2 Toys for Twins
The Step 2 company is particularly clever at creating toys with multiple appeal. Many of their toys and playsets are designed to accomodate two children at the same time, making them ideal choices for families with twins or multiples.

Travel With Twins: Air Travel FAQ
Air travel is certainly one of the fastest ways to get from one destination to another. But it can also be one of the most stressful, especially if you're a family with baby twins. But flying with multiples isn't impossible, and can even be pleasant, with some advance planning and preparation. Here are ten questions to ask before traveling with twins.

Twins and Leashes
Are leashes and safety harnesses an effective way to minimize danger for active twin toddlers, or are they inhumane? Examine the pros and cons of this issue.

Biting Twins
Do you have a problem with biting twins? Parents of twins are multiples find out why babies and toddlers bite, and how to stop their children from biting.

Language Development
This summary of a presentation by a speech language pathologist explores some of the research on language development in multiples. Perhaps most interesting to parents of toddlers is the section that explains a child's communicative abilities at each age.

Taming Toddler Tantrums
The second of a three-part article, this segment focuses on how to react to this most frustrating of toddler behaviors.

Twins' First Dental Visit
Here is some helpful advice to ensure that your childrens' first checkup is not a dental disaster. The suggestions are probably most effectively implemented when multiples have individual appointments.

Twin Toddler Activities
Creative parents from the Twins-L listserve compiled this extensive list of activities for toddlers. From outdoor games to recipes for craft materials, there are plenty of ideas to keep everyone entertained

Walking and Talking - Twins Triplets and More
Two big milestones for multiples that will have a great impact on your family's life are walking and talking. While handling two stationary newborns is difficult enough, things get really interesting when your multiples gain the ability to move about and communicate.

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