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Will I Have to Go on Bed Rest During My Twin Pregnancy?


Updated February 20, 2009

Question: Will I Have to Go on Bed Rest During My Twin Pregnancy?
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A 1992 survey by the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs found that 70 percent of mothers of multiples experienced bed rest during her pregnancy with twins or more. However, in the years since, doctors have become less rigid about sentencing women to bed for the duration.

Bed rest is prescribed in multiple pregnancy as a preventative tool. It can provide benefits for both mom and babies, prolonging a pregnancy in danger of preterm labor or proving restorative to a woman whose body is under stress.

There are various levels of bed rest, from recommended daily naps to full confinement in a hospital. For more information on bed rest in multiple pregnancy, click here for a full article. Lying Down on the Job: Bed Rest During Pregnancy with Multiples.

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