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Multiple Babies: The First Year of Life with Twins or Multiples

Your babies have arrived! After you get your twins/multiples home, the parenting fun really begins. Learn how to keep your twinfants fed, clean and entertained -- without losing your sanity. Enjoy tips for new parents as well as breastfeeding resources and equipment checklists.
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When Does it Get Easier - Twin Parents Answer
parenting twins multiples parents reader response easier raising children childraising when does it get easier

To Buy Two? Baby Equipment for Twins - Users Recommend Baby Equipment…
To buy two? Parents of twins share their product recommendations about baby equipment for twins.

Help for Newborn Twins
What kind of help will you need when your twins are born? Examine some of the options for finding help with your newborn twins.

Should You Breastfeed or Bottle Feed Your Twins?

Teething Twins
Dealing with teething twins is a double challenge for parents of multiples with two or more drooling, biting and fretful babies at the same time. Here are some hints for coping with twins when they are teething.

Feeding Twins
Learn how to feed baby twins with pictures of parents of twins feeding their babies. Many parents find it easier to feed both twins at the same time.

Feeding Twins
Resources for parents of twins seeking advice about feeding twins.

How to Get Your Twins on a Schedule
Having a schedule for your baby twins can be a lifesaver for parents of twins. This article will guide you on how to develop a feeding and sleeping schedule for your twins.

Preparing the Gear and Yourself
Excerpt from Dagmara Scalise's book, Twin Sense, gives advice to parents of twins on how to get their gear, their twins, and themselves ready to go out.

Becoming Mobile - Creeping and Crawling
The transition from stationary newborns to mobile babies can be an interesting time for parents of twins and multiples.

First Year Essentials for Twins
Amber, a mom of one-year-old twins, suggests must-have essentials for surviving the first year with twins.

First Year Essentials for Twins

Get More Sleep with Baby Twins
What's the worst thing about having baby twins? Most bleary-eyed parents would agree that it is the lack of sleep. Any newborn is likely to keep odd hours, but balancing the demands of two newborns means that sleep is a scarce commodity for parents of twins. Use these ten tips to get more sleep when you have baby twins. Getting them to sleep means you'll get more sleep too.

Save Money on Diapers
Parents of twins and multiples go through a lot of diapers and these hints will help them save money on diapers.

Bringing Twins Home for the First Time
Those early first days with baby twins can be overwhelming. Here is advice for new parents of twins as they bring their twin babies home for the first time.

How to Bottle Feed Two Babies at the Same Time
When you are trying to feed twins, sometimes it is most efficient to feed both babies at the same time. This article provides a guide to managing the process of feeding bottles to two babies at the same time.

How to Feed Two Babies Solid Foods at the Same Time

Making the Diaper Decision: Cloth or Disposable Diapers for Twins
Advice about cloth and disposable diapers helps parents of twins and multiples decide what kind of diapers to use for their twins.

Seeing Double
Parents of twins and multiples provide insight into life with twins and multiples in the family.

Bathing Twins: Tips for Making Bathtime Easier with Twins, Triplets or More
Parents of twins, triplets and multiples will find these helpful hints and quick tips useful when bathing their twins and multiples. These are tips to make bathtime with twins and multiples easier and safer.

When Does It Get Easier?
Parents offer wonder when the challenges of raising twins or multiples will become easier, yet the nature of parenting means that parents of multiples will face hardships and challenges with their twins at all ages and stages.

How to Feed Two Babies at the Same Time

Play Yards for Twins
Parents of twins and multiples may consider using a play yard for securing their multiples in their home.

Newborn Twins Photo Gallery
This online photo gallery features newborn twins and triplets - infants less than one month old.

Baby Announcements for Twins, Triplets, Multiples
A selection of baby announcements to announce the birth of twins, triplets or other multiples.

Choosing a Pediatrician for Twins/Multiples
These tips will help you choose a pediatrician or doctor for your twins or multiples. Parents of twins, triplets or other multiples have special considerations for choosing a pediatric doctor for their children.

Coping with Crying: Excerpt from The Everything Twins, Triplets and More Book
Tips for parents of twins or multiples help moms and dads cope with their infant twins' or triplets' constant crying.

Co-Sleeping with Twins/Multiples: Is a Family Bed Right for Your Family?
Co-sleeping, when parents sleep with an infant in an adult bed, is a controversial issue in modern parenting. Parents of twins and other multiples discover whether co-sleeping is an appropriate practice for parents of baby or toddler twins or multiples.

Developmental Toys for Baby Twins or Multiples
It's important to choose toys that promote your babies' development. These toy selections are particularly appropriate for infant and baby twins and multipes.

Keeping Babies Warm in Winter
Keeping your twins or multiple babies warm in winter is a challenge. They can't complain if they're too warm or too cold. Try these items for keeping them cozy and comfortable, from head to toe.

Keeping Things Straight: An Excerpt from The Everything Twins, Triplets and...
Parents of infant twins, triplets or more may have trouble keeping things straight during the first few months after their twins, triplets or more are born. Feeding charts, organization and tips for telling twins apart will help parents of twins keep things straight with newborn twins.

Mistakes Made by New Parents of Twins/Multiples
The first few months with newborn twins or multiples can be tough for families. Here are some common mistakes that parents of multiples make during the first few months.

Postpartum Depression
Mothers of multiples are particularly at risk for depression after the birth of their babies. Get a firsthand perspective of this crippling condition from a mom who lived through it, and share her "Seven Steps to a Better Day."

Advice on Feeding Twins
Readers give tips and advice on feeding twins.

Ten Tips for Managing Multiples: Survival Strategies for the First Few Months...
The birth of twins, triplets or more means a lot of changes for a family. These survival tips will help families with multiples adjust to family life with twins, triplets or more during the first few months of their lives.

Postpartum Depression (PPD) in Moms of Twins/Multiples
A review of the impact of postpartum depression on moms of twins, triplets and other multipes.

Travel With Twins: Air Travel FAQ
Air travel is certainly one of the fastest ways to get from one destination to another. But it can also be one of the most stressful, especially if you're a family with baby twins. But flying with multiples isn't impossible, and can even be pleasant, with some advance planning and preparation. Here are ten questions to ask before traveling with twins.

Products for Twins
Shop for unique products made just or twins

To Buy Two?
When you're buying for multiple babies, how do you know what to double up on, and when to stay single? There are some things that every baby needs, but you don't necessarily have to have two of everything for your twins. Get the scoop before you get the goods.

Buying and Selling Baby Stuff for Multiples
Advice for parents of twins or multiples who are in the market for gently used or second hand baby clothes, toys and equipment or who wish to resell their baby stuff.

Weight Gain After Babies
You can't have a healthy multiple pregnancy without gaining weight. But now that your twins are here, why are those extra pounds sticking around when they're no longer needed? Here's some weight loss advice for moms of multiples who are seeking to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies.

Caring for Premature Twins/Mutliples: Excerpt from Everything Twins, ...
This excerpt from Everything Twins, Triplets and More offers parents some solutions for contributing to their premature infants' care in the hospital after preterm birth.

Adjusted Age
Parents of multiples may have to configure their babies' adjusted age to compensate for prematurity.

Caring for Premature Twins or Multiples
This excerpt from Everything Twins, Triplets and More offers parents some solutions for contributing to their premature infants' care in the hospital after preterm birth.

Schedule for Baby Twins -Parents of Twins Advice on Baby Schedule
Parents of twins offer advice on feeding and sleeping schedules for babies. If you are looking for help getting your twin babies on a schedule, use these suggestions from parents of twins.

Packing a Diaper Bag for Twins
Advice on what to pack in a diaper bag for twins. Packing a diaper bag for twins helps parents stay prepared with baby twins.

Diaper Bag for Twins - Packing a Diaper Back for Twins
What do you pack in your twins' diaper bag? Parents of twins share the contents of their diaper bags.

Bathing Two Babies
Bathtime can be tricky with two or more slippery babies. Here are some quick tips for making it more manageable.

Coping with Multiple Infants
Caring for one baby can be overwhelming; caring for two or more may seem impossible to parents of newborns. Explore this collection of invaluable advice from veteran parents of multiples and you'll realize that caring for twinfants is actually quite manageable.

Equipment for Multiples
More babies means more stuff! One of the biggest issues for parents of newborn multiples is knowing what equipment they really need and what will be an unnecessary waste of money. The Twins-L listserve prepared this helpful FAQ.

Having Twins: When They Are Premature
The majority of twins are born before their due date, and may be at risk for complications associated with prematurity. Learn what you can expect with premature babies and how to deal with issues like extended hospital stays, developmental lags, and monitoring equipment.

Shopping with Twins in Tow
Tips for shopping with twins in tow.

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