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Shopping for Products Just for Multiples

Several ingenious companies offer products specfically geared for the multiples market. Shop around for unique gift items, memorabilia and handy gadgets just for twins, triplets or other multiples.
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Products for Twins
Shop for unique products made just or twins

Stroller Strategies
Finding the right stroller is crucial for families who want to go mobile with their multiples. Before spending hundreds of dollars on a high-end model, find out how to select the perfect for stroller for your -- and your babies' -- lifestyle.

Clothes for Twins
Shop for clothes for twins at these sites. It's "two" cute to outfit your twins in matching or coordinated clothing, but sometimes it can be difficult to find clothes for twins. These sites feature outfits for twins, triplets, and other multiples.

To Buy Two? Parent's Poll
Double babies means double stuff, right? Not necessarily! Parents of twins and multiples weigh in on this picture poll about baby equipment. Should you buy one or two?

To Buy Two?
When you're buying for multiple babies, how do you know what to double up on, and when to stay single? There are some things that every baby needs, but you don't necessarily have to have two of everything for your twins. Get the scoop before you get the goods.

A Lot'o'Tots
A mother of twin boys founded a site called A Lot'o'Tots, an online store dedicated to parents of multiples. They carry gear and apparel for babies and kids, through age 7, with a focus on higher-end quality items and "green" products. All items are tested and rated by a network of moms of multiples. In-home shopping is available for bedridden mothers in the Seattle, WA area.

By My Side Safety Harness for Twins
This safety harness system allows toddlers and young children the freedom to move around, without getting separated from a parent or caregiver. Tommi Guard offers a special twins package featuring their hands-free belts and harnesses.

Double Blessings
The patented EZ-2-Nurse Twins nursing pillow is available here. They also carry a nice selection of novelties such as T-shirts and hats.

Great Baby Products
Home of the handy baby bottle holder, this site features gifts and gadgets for babies. Parents of multiples will appreciate the discounted pricing on items sold in sets of twos or threes.

Scrappin' Twins
If you're an avid scrapbooker -- and mom of multiples -- like Cindy Minear, you may have decried the lack of twin-themed supplies for your kids' scrapbooks. Cindy did something about the problem; she started a company to sell twin- and triplet-themed products for scrapbooking.

To Buy Two
ToBuyTwo.com is an auction website designed for families with multiples. Categories include clothing, bedding, strollers, Noah's ark-themed items, toys, and more. It's a great place to find bargains on matching items, or an ideal way to unload some of your own gently used goodies.

Trendy Twin Shop was founded by a mother of twins who wanted one-stop shopping for clothing and items for her boy/girl twins. Offers coordinated clothing for twins (or siblings), with particular attention to boy/girl sets. Personalized and monogrammed items are available, as well as gifts, stationary and accessories.

Twins Help Store
The Twins Help site offers insightful articles along with unique gifts and items for multiples. Some products, like clothing, jewelry and notecards, are specifically suited for twins, while other items will have universal appeal.

Twins List: Business and Products
Twinslist.org offers this comprehensive list of business and products especially for twins, triplets and other multiples.

Unlimited Additions: The Boutique for Multiples
Parents in search of matching outfits for boy/girl twins will be especially interested in these offerings. Browse the line of coordinating outfits for infant and toddler twins, including preemie sizes.

Welcome to Twin Spin
Twin Spin is a cute musical celebration of the twin experience presented by an internationally awarded songwriter and mother of twins. Hear a sound clip or order a copy of Tunes for Twins with songs like "Undeniably Unidentical" and "Seeing Double."

Top Picks: Double Strollers
About.com's Guide to Pregnancy & Birth, Robyn Weiss is a mom of twins. She reviews some of the best double strollers.

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