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Carpio Sextuplets


Updated January 28, 2009


Justin, Danelia, Jezreel, Genesis, Joel and Jadon


October 6, 2008


Queens, New York

Birth Info:

The babies were born by cesarean section during the 25th week of pregnancy, about three months early, arriving between 10:36 a.m. and 10:40 a.m. on October 6th. Each weighed between 1.5 and 2 pounds. The birth was kept a secret for several weeks, until the babies' condition was stabilized.

Family Info:

The sextuplets have an older brother. Jhancarlos was seven years old when the sextuplets were born.

More Info:

They are believed to be the first sextuplets born to a Hispanic couple in the U.S. The parents, Victor and Digna Carpio, are naturalized U.S. citizens from Ecuador. It is not known whether the babies were the result of fertility enhancements. The babies are the second set of sextuplets born in New York.

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