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What to Expect When You're Expecting More Than One: Twin/Multiple Pregnancy


From conception to postpartum, pregnancy with twins or multiples is an experience distinct from any other. Whether you are a would-be mother wondering whether you are carrying more than one, or are recovering from the shock of discovering there are two or more babies in your belly, these resources will provide advice and support.
  1. How to Have Twins
  2. Signs & Symptoms of Multiple Pregnancy
  3. Prenatal Care During Multiple Pregnancy
  4. Complications of Multiple Pregnancy
  5. Preparing for Multiples

How to Have Twins

Ever wonder what causes twinning? Is it hereditary? Pure luck? The result of fertility-enhancing technology? Find out the real reasons for twins, triplets and multiples.

Signs & Symptoms of Multiple Pregnancy

Jae's twins at seven weeks.

Every pregnant woman pauses to ponder ... "Is it twins? (Or more??)" From a sneaking suspicion to an unmistakable sign, there are some clues that will lend confirmation to a multiple pregnancy.

Prenatal Care During Multiple Pregnancy

Triplet Pregnancy - 32 weeks.

A multiple pregnancy may be treated differently than a singleton pregnancy. It's important that moms of multiples receive proper care.

Complications of Multiple Pregnancy

When you're having more than one baby, the potential risks are increased.

Preparing for Multiples

Is there any way to be truly prepared for the magic and miracle of a multiple birth? No matter how many books you read, equipment you buy, or tasks you complete, the experience will exceed your expectations. However, there are some practical guidelines you can follow in order to make your home and family ready to welcome the new additions.

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