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Twin Baby Shower - Who to Invite to a Baby Shower for Twins or Multiples

Who to Invite to a Baby Shower for Twins/Multiples


Updated April 17, 2014

Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who | What | Where | When | Why

Baby showers are a favorite tradition of pregnancy, and the celebration is heightened for expectant parents of twins or multiples. A time to come together in anticipation of the babies' arrival, the highlight of the event is the "showering" of gifts and good wishes on the impending parents. When those parents are expecting twins or multiples, there are some important factors to consider when having or hosting a baby shower.

Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who

Traditionally, a baby shower is given by relatives or friends of the pregnant mother. It could be a community event hosted by neighbors, a surprise party planned by co-workers, or a gathering of the mother’s best girlfriends.

If you’re hosting a shower: Consult the mother-to-be regarding her preferences. Would she most enjoy a ladies-only event? Or perhaps a party that includes the whole family, featuring the dad-to-be and older children, would be more appropriate.

If you’re having a shower: If consulted, work with your host to prepare an appropriate guest list, keeping in mind your relationship and the limitations of space and budget.

As with many aspects of having multiples, more is always merrier! There’s no reason not to enjoy multiple baby showers if the opportunity arises.

The Five W's of Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

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