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Pregnancy with Twins / Triplets / Multiples

If you're pregnant with twins or other multiples, you probably have lots of questions and concerns. Get answers and advice about medical issues, emotional support, and preparing for the birth of your babies.
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Quiz: Could It Be Twins -- Or More?
It happens to nearly every woman during her pregnancy. Some sign or indication causes her to pause and ponder, "Could it be twins? Or MORE?" Take this quiz to assess your chances.

Top Ten Signs of Twin/Multiple Pregnancy
Pregnant mothers often suspect that they are carrying more than one baby. Here are some of the most common indicators of a twin or multiple pregnancy. Could you be having more than one? Check your symptoms against this list.

Having Twins
You're having twins! Whether anticipated or unexpected, The discovery of a twin pregnancy can be a big sho

Finding Out You're Having Twins
Finding out that you are having twins can be a big shock. Many parents find out they are having twins via ultrasound.

You're Having Multiples: Now What?
From the moment you discover you are expecting two -- or more -- babies, your mind is whirring with questions and concerns. The first step to finding answers is seeking out other parents of multiples. Here's a guide to finding local and online resources that will reassure your fears and prepare you to join the ranks of double duty parenting.

Pregnant with Identical Twins
What do you need to know about an identical twins pregnancy? Advice and resources for mothers who are pregnant with identical twins.

Pregnancy with Multiples: What Are the Real Risks?
Pregnancy with twins, triplets or more is usually termed "high risk," but what are the real risks to multiple babies and moms of multiples during pregnancy with twins or more?

Things to Do Before Your Twins are Born
Are you pregnant with twins? As you prepare for the birth of your twins, here is a checklist of ten things to do to get ready for your babies. Once your twin babies arrive, your time will be devoted to caring for them; so you'll want to take care of these items before they're born. Follow this checklist, and you'll be prepared to welcome twins...

Before You Buy : Maternity Clothes for Moms of Multiples
Moms pregnant with twins, triplets or more need special advice regarding the purchase of maternity clothes during their pregnancy. These tips for maternity clothes for a twin pregnancy will help you get the most for your money.

Parents of Twins Share Their Tips for Setting Up a Nursery for Twins
Parents of twins share their ideas for decorating a nursery for twins.

Worst Things About Twin Pregnancy
You're having twins! It's an exciting time of joy and anticipation as you look forward to the arrival of two babies. How lucky ... one pregnancy that yields two babies! Right? While there are benefits to a two-for-one pregnancy, there are also some extreme side effects that can prove unpleasant. Some of the regular side effects of pregnancy...

Ten Things to Eat During Twin Pregnancy
If your pregnant with twins or multiples, your body has extra nutritional needs. That doesn't mean doubling dessert or having seconds at every meal. While you need additional calories, you have to make those calories count by providing the right nutritional values. You need an extra dose of protein to help build cells, carbohydrates for energy, iron to combat anemia, calcium to fortify your babie…

Ten Things Not to Do When You're Pregnant With Multiples
When you're pregnant with twins or multiples, it's important to take good care of yourself. Avoid these mistakes to have a healthy pregnancy with twins or more.

Twin Ultrasound Pictures: Photo Gallery of Ultrasound Pictures of Twin
Welcome to this online photo gallery featuring ultrasound pictures of twins and multiples. It's amazing to see these images of twins in utero, submitted by parents of multiples. I welcome your submissions to this photo gallery and hope to grow the collection to include ultrasound pictures of triplets, quadruplets and other multiples.

Ten Amazing Stories of Discovering Twins
Readers share amazing stories of the moment when they discovered they were pregnant with twins.

Twin Pregnancy Photo Gallery
Pictures of mothers of multiples are featured in this photo gallery of twin pregnancy.

Twin Ultrasound Pictures
Twin ultrasound pictures are submitted by readers, showing pictures of twin ultrasounds taken during various stages of multiple pregnancy.See submissions

Surviving Bed Rest During Multiple Pregnancy - Bed Rest Tips for Moms…
Moms of multiples may be prescribed bed rest during a twin pregnancy. Readers provide tips for surviving bed rest during a twin pregnancy.

Signs of Pregnancy with Multiples
Do women who are pregnant with twins, triplets or more exhibit special "symptoms"? Yes, ... and no. Here is a review of some common pregnancy symptoms that may or may not indicate more than one baby.

Survival Strategies: Ten Tips for the First Few Months
family makes adjustments for a new baby but, for those who welcome more than one, the transition holds additional challenges. Your babies may be premature and require extra care, even hospitalization. The demands of caring for twins or more puts a strain on even the strongest marriage. With a little preparation, these tips will help make the...

Gender Reveal Party for Twins! Boys? Girls? Or One of Each?
Planning a gender reveal party to announce your twins? Here are some suggestions for parents of twins as they plan a gender reveal party to unveil whether their baby twins are girls, boys or one of each.

Do Twins Run in Families? Will I Have Twins?
Many people wonder if they will have twins if they have a family history of twins or multiple birth. Find out if twins run in families with this explanation of the genetic connection to twinning.

Baby Showers for Twins or Multiples
A baby shower for twins, triplets or other multiples is an exciting celebration and a time for parents of twins or multiples to receive gifts for their twins or multiples. Here are tips for hosting or having a baby shower for twins or multiples.

Bed Rest During Pregnancy with Multiples
Many mothers of multiples experience some level of bed rest during their pregnancy. Find out what this means for you and your babies.

Before You Deliver Multiples: Childbirth Preparation Classes
if you're expecting twins or more, the typical childbirth education class may not meet your needs. Luckily there are some alternatives that better address the issues of multiple birth so that you'll be fully prepared to welcome your babies when the time arrives.

Can You Choose the Sex of Your Twins? Gender Selection and Multiples
This article explains how parents of multiples may have some control over the sex of their babies, including ways that parents can select the gender of their twins or more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome: TTTS FAQ
Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome in this FAQ about TTTS.

Top 10 Baby Gifts for Twins/Multiples
What is a good gift for baby twins? These gift suggestions are appropriate for expectant parents of twins, triplets or other multiples.

Preterm Labor in Pregnancy with Twins or More > Signs of Preterm Labor
Women pregnant with twins, triplets or more have an increased risk of experiencing preterm labor during their pregnancy.

Preeclampsia and Multiple Birth
Researchers have uncovered the gene that causes preeclampsia, a disorder that effects one in three mothers of multiples during their pregnancy. Find out what this means for multiple moms and how this disorder impacts their health, and the health of their babies.

Preparing Siblings for the Birth of Multiples
Many parents wonder how they will take care of multiples when they have other young children at home. How will they to provide for so many lives? Preparation for the parents and the children at home is essential in providing a smooth transition. Here are tips to assist your family both before and after the arrival of multiples.

Sleep During Pregnancy With Twins: Seven Ways to Get Some Shut-Eye
Most parents expect to experience sleepless nights once their babies are born. But they may be surprised by how difficult it is to snooze soundly even before they arrive! Here are some tips for overcoming sleeplessness during pregnancy with twins/multiples.

Decorating a Nursery for Twins
Decorating a nursery for twins is an exciting project for parents of twins or multiples. These tips will help parents set up and decorate a nursery for twins.

Bed Rest Activities During Twin Pregnancy
Because of the increased risk of complications in multiple pregnancy, many expectant moms of multiples find themselves assigned to bed rest...

To Buy Two?
When you're buying for multiple babies, how do you know what to double up on, and when to stay single? There are some things that every baby needs, but you don't necessarily have to have two of everything for your twins. Get the scoop before you get the goods.

What did you wear during your twin pregnancy?
Moms of multiples submit pictures of maternity clothes for twin pregnancy.See submissions

Finding Out Youre Having Twins - Discovering Twin Pregnancy
Users share their stories of finding out they're having twins, the surprise of discovering a twin pregnancy.

Preparing for Twins - Things To Do Before Your Twins Are Born
How did you prepare for the arrival of your twins? During twin pregnancy, there are some things that you can do to prepare and make it easier for your family once your twins are born.

Worst Thing About Being Pregnant With Twins - Reader Submissions About Twin...
Moms of multiples share their thoughts regarding the worst things about twin pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes for Moms of Multiples
Maternity clothes for moms of multiples to wear during twin pregnancy can be hard to find. This article provides tips on shopping for maternity clothes for twins, with input from the founder of formultiples.com, a shop for maternity clothes for moms of multiples.

Labor & Birth with Twins
Giving birth is always amazing. The process for giving birth to twins is doubly amazing. About's Guide to Pregnancy & Birth offers this information for moms of multiples to consider during labor and delivery with twins.

Birth Plan for a Multiple Birth
Click on "Birth Plan for Twins and Some Triplets" to download a printable birth plan designed for parents that are preparing to give birth to twins or triplets. The plan helps you express your wishes regarding all aspects of labor and delivery, as well as care of the babies after they're born.

Expecting Multiples FAQ
This advice from veteran mothers of multiples may help you feel less alone in your pregnancy experience. Several mothers offer their perspective on the answers to the questions you really want to ask

Identical twins contained in one amniotic sac in utero may be at risk for several serious complications. This website offers support to parents experiencing this condition

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation
Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is a serious condition that could endanger twins during pregnancy. Find out if your babies are at risk, and what to do when diagnosed with the condition.

Mothers of Supertwins (M.O.S.T.)'s Expectant Mothers Package
The Mothers of Supertwins organization offers several resources for parents expecting triplets or other higher order multiples. Informational packets and books are available for order.

Ten Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Twin Pregnancy
Finding out that you are carrying twins brings a whole new set of questions for pregnant women. Ask your doctor or medical caregiver these important questions about pregnancy with twins.

Gender Reveal Party for Twins
Planning a gender reveal party for twins? Parents of twins share their tips for planning an event where they announce the gender of their twins. Boys, girls or one of each?

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