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Potty Training Multiples

Although parents of multiples look forward to doing away with diapers, potty training twins, triplets or quadruplets can be a tremendous challenge. Here are some strategies that will leave your multiples "flushed" with success.

Potty Training Twins
You long for the day when you can ditch the double diapers, yet potty training twins seems like a daunting task. Don't despair! With these tips, potty training your twins will be successful, and not stressful.

Taming the Toilet - Times Two
A mom of four-year-old twins reflects on toilet training twins.

Potty Training Readiness Quiz
Vince Iannelli, About's Guide to Pediatrics (and dad of twins), provides this assessment of your child's readiness to train. Parents of multiples may wish to repeat the quiz for each individual child.

Twins Toilet Training Tips
Veteran parents who have won the war present this collection of hints and tips for those getting ready to battle the potty training blues. There are several helpful strategies, especially for parents who have the challenge of training boy-girl twins.

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