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Kyle Ray and Kimi Amber

Meet the Multiples: Photo Gallery of Twins and Multiples


Updated May 11, 2010

Kyle Ray and Kimi Amber

Kyle Ray and Kimi Amber are nineteen month old twins.

Photo reprinted with permission of Ciara Reintjes.
Kyle and Kimi are fraternal twins. They were nineteen months old when this picture was taken. Ciara describes them this way, "Kimi was born weighing far more than Kyle and is still much taller than him. She is always following him around or looking for him. This photo really captured their relationship - she is protective of him and he relies on her!" The relationship between twins is unique and fascinating. Sometimes twins are built-in buddies, while sometimes they are aggressive enemies. (And that's all in the same day!) It is sweet when they can offer each other support and nurturing, as depicted in this picture. It will be interesting for this family to see how their relationship develops and evolves as they grow up!
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