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Owen Shilo and Lucas Elijah

Meet the Multiples: Photo Gallery of Twins & Multiples


Updated June 08, 2010

Owen Shilo and Lucas Elijah

Owen Shilo and Lucas Elijah are six month old twins.

Photo reprinted with permission of Elena Dyck.
Fraternal twins, Owen Shilo and Lucas Elijah, were six months old in this picture. Six months old is a typical time for babies to start becoming more mobile, creeping and crawling instead of remaining in one place. It's one thing to take care of babies that stay in one place. When they start moving around -- generally in different directions! -- it takes a lot of energy to keep up. Life takes on a new dimension once your multiples get mobile. It's a crucial time to make sure that your home is twinproofed, removing hazards and creating a safe space for your children to explore.
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