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There is much curiosity surrounding multiple birth and it's a focus of interest in literature, the arts, science, psychology and the media. Unearth the facts about twins and multiple and separate the myths and mysteries from the realities.
  1. Twins 101
  2. The Odds of Twins
  3. Conjoined Twins
  4. Higher Order Multiples

Twins 101

5 year old identical twins, Abby and Ally.

Understanding the basics of twinning and multiple birth is the the first step to appreciating the special relationship that exsists between twins and multiples.

The Odds of Twins

Twins seem to be everywhere these days, but their birth is still a relative rare occurence.

Conjoined Twins

Maria Teresa and Mara de Jesus Quiej-Alvarez

Conjoined twins are a special type of twins that form in the womb with a physical connection. They may share tissue, organs or limbs.

Higher Order Multiples

3 month old fraternal triplets, Logan, Lauren and Lathan.

Supertwins - or higher order multiples - describe sets of multiples in threes, fours, fives or more, including triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets and septuplets.

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