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Fun Facts, Statistics and Trivia About Twins and Multiples

This collection of facts and fun stuff offers fascinating statistics and interestings glimpses into the world of twins, triplets and other multiples.
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Twin and Multiple Birth Rate
Most recent twin birth rate statistics and multiple birth statistics are detailed. 2008 multiple birth rate information.

How to Have Twins - Why Did You Have Twins
Many people wonder how to have twins, triplets or more. Readers share the reasons why they had twins.

Ten Things You've Always Wondered About Twins
These are ten things you've always wondered about twins.

Heteropaternal Superfecundation - Twins with Different Fathers
An unusual type of twinning is Heteropaternal Superfecundation, twins with different fathers.

Identical Twins
Get the facts about identical twins, the common term used to describe monozygotic twins, even thought identical twins aren't technically identically alike.

Boy Girl Identical Twins
Can boy girl twins be identical? This article examines the issue of identical, that is monozygotic, twins of different genders.

Most Popular Articles About Twins and Multiples
Everyone wants to be part of the popular crowd! These are the most popular articles about twins and multiples on this site. Many are answers to frequently asked questions, while others relate to twin pregnancy and products for twins.

Can Twins Have Different Birthdays?
Twins are generally born on the same day but in some cases twins have different birthdays.

Twin Telepathy
Twins share a special connection, and many report incidences of twin telepathy or extrasensory perception ESP phenomenon.

Will I Have Twins?
Many people wonder if they will have twins and they often inquire about their chances of having twins.

Determine if Your Twins are Fraternal or Identical
These strategies for determining twin type will help parents of twins and multiples determine whether their twins or multiples are identical or fraternal.

10 Amazing Stories of Twin Telepathy
Twins share amazing stories of twin telepathy, incidences where they share a connection or read each other's thoughts.

Twin and Multiple Birth Rate
Most recent twin birth rate statistics and multiple birth statistics are detailed.

Unique and Unusual Types of Twins
Describes and definies some of the unusual and unique types of twins, such as polar body twins, superfecudation, superfetation, parastic twins and mirror images twins.

Why Are Identical Twins Different?
Identical twins are thought to be exactly alike, but there are many differences. A new study explains how epigenetics is responsible for the differences in identical twins.

Myths About Multiples
Do twins have ESP? Is it three times as hard to raise triplets? Which one is the evil twin? There are lots of myths about parenting multiples. Let's take a look at some of them and see what holds true.

Parents Misinformed About Zygosity
Many parents are misinformed about whether their twins are identical or fraternal. Even doctors can be wrong about the signs of twin zygosity.

Twins and Hand Preference
Is there a connection between hand preference and twinning? Why are so many twins left handed? Scientists often research twins to figure out handedness, but it seems the more they study, the more they're stymied.

What's the Difference Between Identical and Fraternal Twins?
This article addresses the distinction between identical and fraternal twins.

What Are the Odds?
Can eating yams increase your chances of having twins? If twins run in your family, are you at risk as well? Are there more multiples now than in previous generations? Examine the statistics regarding multiple birth, and figure our your odds for becoming a parent of twins, triplets or more.

Twins and Fingerprints
Do identical twins have identical fingerprints? They share the same DNA, after all. Don't stay awake nights pondering this mystery of life. Find out the facts about twins and fingerprints.

Do Twins Skip a Generation?
A common myth about twins is that they skip a generation. This article explains whether this claim is true, and how generational twinning occurs.

Black and White Twins
In 2006, images surfaced of twin girls who are different races - one black and one white. About.com's Guide to Urban Legends examines the story.

National Center for Health Statistics: Stats About Multiples
A quick overview of the most recent information about multiple birth in the United States. Links to full, detailed reports.

Twins in the 2014 Sochi Olympics
A review of twins participating in the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

Facts About Multiples
This extensive collection of facts and figures is touted as an online encyclopedia of multiple birth. It contains amazing statistics on every kind of multiple, including lists recording the births of conjoined and higher order multiples.

Multiple Multiples
Think you've got it bad with twins or triplets? Look at these families with multiple multiples. Imagine having three or four -- or more! -- sets of multiples. This site will make you happy to have "only" two!

Twin Test
How savvy are you about twin trivia? Take this quick quiz and test your knowledge. Get all ten questions correct and earn a "Tworific" rating!

Twin Telepathy - Stories of Twin Telepathy
Readers share stories of twin telepathy, or twins communicating without words or other senses.

Facts About Fraternal Twins
Get the facts about fraternal twins. Learn how they are formed and how fraternal twins are different from identical twins.

Increase in Twins
Are there more twins? This article investigates the rise in the twin birth rate resulting in an increase in twins.

Twin and Multiple Birth Rate
Most recent twin birth rate statistics and multiple birth statistics are detailed. 2009 multiple birth rate information.

Royal Twins - Is Kate Middleton Having Twins?
Whether Kate Middleton has twins or not, there are several other sets of twins that claim royal ties.

Multiple Birth Gestation and Birthweight Data
The results of 2009 data summary of birth statistics shows that multiples are at higher risk for preterm birth and low birthweight.

Are First Born Twins Smarter?
Are first born twins smarter? Find out whether birth order categorizations of intelligence applies to multiples.

Identical Twins and DNA
Explores the topic of identical twins and DNA. Do identical twins have the same DNA?

Twinvaluable Twinformation
This unique collection of terms related to twins will make you chuckle. Do your multiples give you twindigestion?

Twins Born in Different Years
Sometimes the birth of twins straddles two different years, even though the babies arrive only a few minutes apart.

Twins Separated at Birth
A review of the phenomenon of twins separated at birth.

Stories of Twins Separated at Birth
Amazing stories of twins who were separated at birth and reunited many years later, and what they tell us about human development.

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