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Support for Parents of Twins & Multiples

Parents of multiples experience unique joys and challenges in raising their twins, triplets or higher order multiples. Networking with other parents provides an invaluable source of support and advice. Here are links to local and national organazitions for parents of multiples, as well as online networking resources.
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Twins and Multiples Blogs
Bloggers can submit a description of their blog about twins or multiples. See submissions

Article Archive Index: All Articles About Parenting Multiples
This index contains archived articles about parenting twins and other multiples that were written by Pamela Fierro and featured on the Parenting Multiples site at About.com from 2001 - 2006.

Support Groups for Parents of Multiples
Many people say that having multiples is like being part of a special club. Make your membership official by joining a local parents of multiples club. Explore the benefits of participation and find out how to contact a club in your area.

Australian Multiple Birth Association
Support for parents in Australia is available in the form of newsletters, library services and equipment exchanges. Links for regional contact points is listed on this site as well

Irish Multiple Births Association
Find out how to contact the association to join by phone or mail. The IMBA's objective is to act as advocates for parents and families of twins, triplets or higher multiples by providing information and organizing study days.

Join the Twins-L Listserve
This long-standing online listserve has members from all over the world and all walks of life. Parents of multiples as well as adult multiples discuss all issues related to twins and supertwins. FAQ pages offering support on a wide range of topics are also available.

Mothers of Supertwins (MOST) Online Membership
By joining M.O.S.T., mothers of triplets, quadruplets or more can avail themselves of informational packets and consult with a resource volunteer. A network of local coordinators in forty-four states and several countries provides an opportunity for socialization and support.

NOMOTC Member Club Home Pages
Click on the map to find a mothers of twins club in the United States. This directory is limited to groups that are affiliated with the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC). It provides only a link to the individual club's website, not specific contact information.

Multiples Chapters in Canada
Canadian parents can locate email and web contact information for affiliate chapters of the Multiple Births Canada organization.

South Africa Multiple Birth Association
This South African association provides support and encouragement to members. All parents of multiples are welcome to join by contacting their office. A membership form is available online.

Suomen Kolmosperheet Ry: Finnish Triplet Families
Although this link connects to the English version of the site, it also can be accessed in Finnish. It is an organization of volunteers providing support and encouragement to families in Finland.

The Triplet Connection: Who Are We
Register for the Triplet Connection and discover the benefits of membership for parents of triplets and higher order multiples.

Twinsclub.co.uk - Registered twins clubs
Parents in the United Kingdom can consult this directory of organizations to find a club in their local area. It includes links to websites as well as meeting and contact information.

TwInsight, A Resource for Multiples and Families of Multiple
Through professional counseling and guidance, author and researcher Eileen Pearlman provides a service to help families through the challenges of life with or as multiples.

Twins Clubs in Australia
A listing of links to twins clubs in Australia is categorized by region.

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