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Parenting Twins and Multiples: From Infants to Teens


Raising twins, triplets or more is a different experience from raising singleton children of various ages. Parents of twins and multiples will find help and advice for all stages of parenting, from infants to toddlers, tweens to teens.
  1. Surviving the First Year
  2. Toddler Twins and Multiples
  3. Multiples in School
  1. Family Issues
  2. The Twin Relationship
  3. Household Hints

Surviving the First Year

Gavin and Graham

Coping with two or more infants is certainly one of the most challenging phases of parenting multiples.

Toddler Twins and Multiples

After the first year, things really get interesting! Toddler twins and multiples are on the move -full of energy, exploring their world and learning to communicate. It's one of the most exciting -- and challenging -- phases of parenting, but many parents of multiples find that it's just a bit more fun when there's more than one.

Multiples in School

Sophine and Shelby

The school years can bring some interesting issues for parents.

Family Issues

Having twins or multiples in the family makes for some interesting challenges that other parents don't necessarily face. You're raising same-age children simultaneously, instead of dealing with different ages of childhood. From the logistics of managing more than one to resolving rivalry, parents need lots of compassionate advice.

The Twin Relationship

Nevaeh Faith and Natalie Grace

The bond between multiples is an incredible, special thing, but for parents, nurturing it can be almost like having another child! Here are some tips and strategies for helping your twins or multiples have a healthy relationship.

Household Hints

Do twins run in your family? Well, they sure run around the house! From managing mealtime to minimizing mess, moms and dads of multiples need plenty of help in keeping their house in order.

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