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Issues Faced By Families With Twins and Multiples

Multiples have a big impact on everyone in the family -- mom, dad, siblings, even pets! This collection of articles addresses common problems and issues faced by families with twins, triplets and other multiples, from sibling rivalry to planning birthdays to deflecting unwanted attention.
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Parenting Twins Can't Be Fair and Equal
A mother of twins describes how her fair and equal approach to parenting twins backfired.

Double Trouble
Are twins double trouble? Parents of twins hear the phrase double trouble to describe twins, but is double trouble an accurate way to describe twins?

What's Different About Parenting Twins?
Parents of twins examine the differences between parenting twins and multiples and parenting singleton children.

Twins and Their Friends: Healthy Friendships for Twins
Advice for parents of twins and multiples for helping their twins develop friendships with other children.

Preparing Older Siblings for the Birth of Twins or Multiples
When mom is pregnant with twins or multiples, siblings may require some preparation before the babies arrive. These tips for parents of multiples will help families prepare siblings for the birth of twins.

Do You Have a Favorite Twin?
Some parents of multiples feel a preference towards one twin over the other, a "favorite" twin. Learn how to cope with these feelings and manage the dynamic within families with twins.

Telling Twins Apart - How to Tell Identical Twins Apart
Readers submit their tips for telling twins apart. Suggestions from readers for telling apart identical twins.

Top 10 Things Not to Say to Twins
There are some things that you should never to say to twins. People may say them without thinking, but if you want to be really sensitive to the feelings of twins, triplets and other multiples, don't say these things to twins.

Telling Twins Apart
Parents of twins are constantly being asked "How do you tell them apart?" As multiples get older, it becomes important for caregivers, teachers and classmates to be able to identify each child. Here are some strategies to help non-family members distinguish between them.

Things Twins Hate to Hear
Twins have heard it all. People are always saying the same statements and comments, and asking the same questions. It can get quite annoying after awhile. People may think they are being original and funny, but chances are, twins have heard it before. Here are ten things that twins hate to hear.

What I Love About Having Twins - Things Parent Love About Twins
Readers share things they love about having twins.

Twin Sibling Rivalry
A mother of twins describes the sibling rivalry between her twin girls.

Are They Natural?
Parents of twins and multiples may have to answer sensitve questions about the origin of their conception.

All Articles About Families With Multiples
From celebrating birthdays to curtailing competition, families with twins, triplets or more face some unique challenges. These articles offer advice and inspiration to guide you on your parenting journey.

Twins and Entitlement
Do twins have a sense of entitlement due to their status as multiples. A parent of twins evaluates what happens when twins compete against each other and face disapointment

10 Ways You Know You're a Mom of Twins

Birth Order and Twins
Is birth order typecasting relevant to twins, triplets and other multiples? Parents of twins and multiples need to be aware of the consequences of assigning birth order characteristics to their children.

Stereotypes About Twins
Twins and their families are affected by stereotypes about twins based on misunderstandings and perpetuated by the media.

Married with Multiples
Having twins or multiples may impact the marriage of parents of multiples. These tips and suggestions are for parents of multiples who wish to maintain their marriage after having twins or multiples.

Teaching Twins About Stranger Danger
Tips for Parents of twins and multiples for teaching children about stranger danger and preventing child abduction of twins and multiples.

When One Isn't Invited - Helping Twins Deal with Disappointment
Parents of twins and multiples may feel conflicted when one twin is invited to an event and the other isn't. These tips will help parents of twins deal with their twins' disappointment.

Going One-On-One
Suggestions for parents of multiples who are striving to spend more time with their individual twins, triplets or other multiples.

Dressing Twins Alike
Do you play the match game with your multiples? Dressing children alike is cute, fun and easy on parents. But is it harmful to their sense of individuality?

TV for Kids: A Parents' Guide
Guidelines for parents of twins and multiples in deciding how and when their twins, triplets or more should watch television, including tv for babies.

Built-In Buddies
Most multiples have a pretty close bond -- it's one of the advantages of being a twin. Same-age siblings provide a constant source of companionship, entertainment and friendship But sometimes, having a built-in buddy can also be a source of frustration for multiples.

Celebrating Birthdays
Happy Birthday to You... and you too! The first thing that multiples share is their birthday. Make each milestone a memorable and happy event for everyone.

Is Having Twins the Same As Having Two Children Close in Age?
Is having twins the same as having two children the same age? Moms of twins explain the differences between having twins and having singletons.

Finding One-on-One Time
Do you give each of your multiples enough individual attention? Try these suggestions for carving out more time together.

Fostering "Twindividuality"
Parents of multiples are always being encouraged to develop their twins' individuality. Frankly, I think that most twins take care of that on their own as they grow up, but there are some ways that parents can help their kids along the way. Check out these Ten Tips for Encouraging Individuality in Twins/Multiples.

Five Things No One Tells You About Having Twins
Parenting twins brings some surprising and unexpected challenges, as well as benefits, that no one tells you about having twins.

Getting it Done:
These tips for getting it done when you have twins, triplets or other multiples are designed to busy help parents of multiples stay organized and manage their responsibilities even when they are busy taking care of their twins or more.

Tips for Grandparents of Multiples
Being a grandparent to twins, triplets or more is a unique blessing. These tips will help grandparents of twins or multiples enhance their relationship with their grandchildren and offer beneficial assistance to their children, the parents of the twins, triplets or higher order multiples.

In the Public Eye: When Multiples Attract Attention
Wherever they go, multiples attract a lot of attention. The stares, comments and questions from stranges can make parents feel like celebrities -- or annoyed and insulted. Here are some strategies for handling the attention without losing your cool.

Married with Multiples
Raising multiples can put a strain on even the strongest marriage. Here are some tips for strengthening the relationship by meeting each other's basic needs.

Should Your Twins/Multiples Share a Bedroom?
Parents of twins, triplets and other multiples often wonder whether their twins or more should share a bedroom, or when they should transition into separate bedrooms.

Siblings: When Multiples Join the Family
Many parents wonder how they will take care of multiples when they have other young children at home. How will they to provide for so many lives? Preparation for the parents and the children at home is essential in providing a smooth transition. Here are tips to assist your family both before and after the arrival of multiples.

Hardest Things About Having Twins

Double the fun. Double blessing. Double delight. Having twins is definitely a double dose of joy, but parents of twins will admit that it is not always easy. There are definitely some challenges about having twins. This list looks at the hardest things about having twins. 

Stupid Questions About Twins - Questions People Ask About Twins
Parents of twins are used to being asked stupid questions about twins.

Birthday Parties for Twins - Celebrating Birthdays with Twins
How do you celebrate birthdays with twins? Readers share their stories about celebrating birthdays and the birthday parties and traditions with their twins.

Twin Escalation Syndrome
Are your multiples afflicted with Twin Escalation Syndrome? Though it's the children that exhibit the symptoms, it is the parents who suffer the effects. Find out what causes this condition and what families with multiples can do to reduce flare-ups.

Things I Love About Having Twins
Parents of twins love having twins. These are some of the things that a parent of twins loves about having twins.

Twin Discrimination
Are twins treated differently than other children simply because they are multiples? Find out if twin discrimination exists, and how it might impact your children.

Ten-Year-Old Twins: The Interview
An interview with ten-year-old twins, who discuss some of the issues of being twins and describe what it's like to be twins.

Sticky Twin Situations: Is It Mandatory to Include Both Twins in Social Events?
Often parents wonder if they have to invite both twins when they are hosting a party. To avoid hurting feelings, consider this issue of twin etiquette when inviting twins to a party.

Cost of Raising Twins
This article examines the cost of raising twins and considers whether having twins is more expensive.

Twin Etiquette - Twin Gift Giving
Is it necessary for both twins to bring a gift when invited to a birthday party? Find out the answer to this issue of twin etiquette.

Twin Etiquette - Handling Twin Mix Ups
What do you do if you can't tell twins apart? Advice on twin etiquette for handling twin mixups.

Twin Sibling Rivalry
What happens when twins don't get along? Find out what this family did to resolve rivalry and restore the peace. Here are strategies for coping with competition.

Media Stereotypes About Twins
The media, including books, movies and TV shows, often depict characters that are stereotypes of twins.

Twin Parenting Dilemmas
Parents of twins have to make some tough choices about how they will raise their twins. This article looks at some of the biggest issues and dilemmas for parents of twins.

Telling Twins Apart
Parents of identical twins often worry about how to tell twins apart. Try these strategies for telling twins apart.

Traveling with Twins - Reader Suggestions for Traveling with Twins
Readers share their suggestions for successful travel with twins.

Appreciating the Differences
There are many aspects of raising multiples that can never be synchronized. This article examines ways to handle issues raised by differences in multilple's ability levels and physical development.

Dr. Phil Examines The Twin Relationship
Dr. Phil (McGraw) talked to twins on his talk show. He helps four sets of identical twins identify and overcome the problems in their unique relationship.

Twins Fighting
Fighting twins are a source of frustration for parents of twins. Parents of twins learn how to cope with twins fighting.

Twins Fighting - Reader Responses - Parents Share Strategies for Fighting Twins
Readers share their strategies for coping with twins fighting and sibling rivalry among twins.

The Importance of Grandparents
Examine the power of this special bond. Learn how grandparents can play an important role in the lives of multiples.

Maintaining the Marriage
Members of the twins-L mailing list offer their advice on preserving the marriage bond when multiples join the family. Find suggestions on childcare, working as a team, and overcoming frustration.

One After Two: Getting Your Twins Ready for a New Baby
After having twins or more, will having a singleton prove to be a breeze? Here are tips for parents of twins or multiples who are facing another pregnancy.

The Worst Thing About Having Twins
What's the worst thing about having twins? A parent of twin daughters shares her thoughts.

Gifts for Twins
Buying gifts for twins can be tricky. Should you give them one item that they can share? Two identical gifts? Or the same thing in different varieties?

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