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Top 10 Discounts & Freebies for Twins/Multiples


Updated May 27, 2014

Many people assume that families with twins and other multiples are inundated with free stuff and goodies. Hardly! The increase in multiple births and the decline in the enconomy mean that discounts and special offers are hard to come by. However some companies do continue to provide special considerations. Here are some of the most lucrative offerings.

1. Coupons for Diapers & Wipes

8 month old boy/girl twins, Emma and Ethan.
Photo reprinted with permission of Jennifer Kalski.

Diapers for twinfants can cost a small fortune in the first year of life. Huggies brand offers families with multiples a generous gift of coupons for savings on diapers and wipes. To take advantage of the offer, you'll need to provide a copy of the birth certificates and mail in a request. This offer is available in the United States and Canada. Pampers and Luvs also have coupon programs for parents of multiples.

2. Discounts on Portrait Photography

You want to preserve every moment of your multiples' precious childhood. But getting professional portraits made of your multiples can be a frightening prospect. The cost of multiple sitting fees and combination packages quickly adds up. Photography studios in J.C. Penney department stores offer a multiple birth program. Exact details about the program are sketchy, but the website offers discounts to parents who provide name and mailing information.

3. Discount on Baby Products from Baby Planet Botique

Baby Planet Boutique is an online shop featuring a wide variety of baby products. Use coupon code MULTIPLES at checkout to receive a 10% discount when you purchase at least two of the same product. The company offers free shipping on orders over $100.

4. More Baby Product Discounts from Great Baby Products

Great Baby Products offers a variety of innovative items especially designed for twins and triplets, like the Milk Maid Baby Bottle Holder and Pack-n-Go Storage Containers for formula. And, to make things even more appealing, they offer a discount when you purchase multiple items.

5. Free Circus Tickets

Act quick to take advantage of this offer, since it's only available to children under 12 months. Complete the online form for a free circus ticket; when the voucher is delivered (via mail), redeem it at any arena box office when the circus is in town. It never expires; you just have to apply for the voucher. The FAQ explains the exemption to the one-per-household rule for families with multiples.

6. Discounted Baby Products from Babies 'R' Us

Babies 'R' Us, the baby products store, offers a 10% discount when parents of multiple purchase two or more of the same products in the same order. The discount applies to furniture, bedding sets and baby gear (car seats, strollers, travel yards, high chairs, swings, gates, exersaucers/walkers, and backpack/carriers). Check with your local store for specific policies.

7. Free Baby Products from The First Years

The First Years produces a variety of well-regarded gadgets and gizmos for babies. Send proof of birth, such as a newspaper clipping or copies of the birth certificates, to: The First Years, One Kiddie Dr., Avon, MA 02322, Attn: Multiple Births Program. You'll receive a gift of items from the company's product line. Contents may vary, but in the past have included bibs, rattles, teethers and toys.

8. Two-for-One Baby Toys from Tiny Love

Parents of twins and multiples can buy one soft developmental toy from Tiny Love and get a second one free. To qualify, you must submit a qualification form, providing proof of your multiple birth, including birth certificates copies. Please note that the discount is only available on orders placed by calling Tiny Love directly, and not applicable at the online catalog or retail outlets. Tiny Love's soft textured toys, such as Gymini Activity Gyms, promote developmental skills.

9. Coupons for Baby Food

Talk about eating for two -- baby twins eat a lot! To save some money on jarred baby food, get coupons from companies like Beech-Nut and Gerber.

10. Discounted Diaper Genie

The Diaper Genie is a handy product for multiples' waste management. The Playtex company, which manufactures the Diaper Genie II used to offer a free product to families with twins or more, but now offers a $7.00 rebate, enough to buy a refill package of liners. To take advantage of the offer, you'll have to purchase a Diaper Genie (compare prices) and contact the company to obtain your rebate. Here's how.

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