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Conjoined Twins / Siamese Twins

Conjoined twins, a rare type of twinning, have long been a source of curiosity and controversy. This collection includes links to profiles of conjoined twins, as well as medical information about conjoined twins, also known as Siamese Twins.
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Conjoined Twins Photo Gallery
This photo gallery contains pictures of conjoined twins.

Conjoined Twins FAQ
Want to understand the connection between conjoined twins? Start here. Your Guide provides the answers to frequently asked questions about this rare and unique type of multiples.

BBC Horizon Transcript: Conjoined Twins
This transcript from a BBC program interviews two sets of adult conjoined twins who have no wish to be separated. It also describes the separation operation of eight-month-old conjoined twins in South Africa.

Rowell Twins
This website provides details about the Rowell family's pregnancy with conjoined girls, Faith and Vanna. Unfortunately, the girls did not survive the pregnancy and were delivered stillborn at twenty weeks.

The Bunker Twins: A Hyphenated Life
Chang and Eng, the renowned "Siamese twins," are profiled in this article. The story of their birth, marriage and death are told.

Classifications of Conjoined Twins
This informational page describes the different classifications of conjoined twins. Classifications are determined by the point at which the twins are join

Conjoined Twins In the World
This is a comprehensive listing of over 500 conjoined twins throughout history, organized by last name. Sparse details accompany each listing, including birth date, names, type of conjoinedness (if known), country of origin, and separation attempts.

Conjoined Twins Timeline
This chronological history cites cases of conjoined twins since the first century. Click on the links along the left side of the page to read about conjoined twins in different time periods throughout history.

Social History of Conjoined Twins
An interesting historical chronology, this page tells the story of conjoined twins from 1100 through the present. Well-known twins like Chang and Eng and Violet and Daisy Hilton are profiled here.

Hope and Faith Cox
Profile of conjoined twins Hope and Faith Cox with details of their surgical separation in December 1986.

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