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Quiz: Could It Be Twins (Or More!)?
Assess your chances of having twins.
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"By the time I started my 4th month, I looked like I was 9 mos. pregnant with swollen ankles of a 80 yr. old woman."
-- spedmjr07

"My pregnancy symptoms were very similar to my friends with singletons."
-- sherrie

It happens to nearly every woman during her pregnancy. Some sign or indication causes her to pause and ponder, "Could it be twins? Or MORE?" Perhaps you have some reason to believe you're having more than one baby, such as enhanced symptoms, a family history, or fertility treatment. Or maybe you just have a sneaking suspicion that something is different. Either way, this quiz will help you assess your chances. Please Note! This quiz is not intended to replace a medical diagnosis. Only your doctor can confirm a multiple pregnancy. Please consult your medical provider if you have concerns about your pregnancy.

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