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Buying a Double Stroller

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Double Stroller for Twins


Graco DuoRider Double Stroller

Graco DuoRider Double Stroller


Before you buy a double stroller for your twins, consider these factors. They'll help you evaulate which double stroller is right for you.

Seat Adjustments on Double Strollers

If your babies will be sleeping frequently in the stroller, they may be more comfortable in a seat that reclines. Some stroller seats recline completely flat, while others only allow for a slight angle. This is a common complaint about many tandem strollers. Says Teresa, a mom of fraternal boys, "I purchased a tandem stroller when the boys were a year old. Unfortunately, both seats do not go into a full recline position. The toddler in front is always drooping his head while he sleeps."

Some side-by-side models have independently reclining seats, however others require that both babies sit at the same incline.

All-Terrain Options

If you will be doing a lot of outdoor strolling, look for safety features like oversized wheels, all-terrain tires, deep seats, locking brakes and a safety wrist strap. Special strollers, with a large wheel base designed for jogging, running, or athletic walking, are available in twin and triplet seating configurations.


How well a stroller manuevers is certainly subject to personal opinion. However there are some basic features that will make any stroller easier to push and turn. Look for swivel wheels (best for indoor use), ergonomic handles that are at a comfortable level for your height, and a stable wheel base that prevents the stroller from tipping as you turn corners.

The best way to determine whether a stroller will operate comfortably is to physically push it around and test it out. The value of doing so can not be underestimated. Just as you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, you shouldn't expect to find the perfect stroller without one. Even if you can get a good deal by buying online or through mail order, find a local dealer and try out different models.

Infant Seats

A relatively new and inventive advancement in the baby equipment market are the all-in-one transportation systems that incorporate car seats and baby carriers with a stroller design. Recently, this concept has been extended to double strollers and may be useful for parents of multiples. Keep in mind the limitations, however. While it is convenient to be able to transport babies from car to stroller without removing them from their carrier, the lifespan of the stroller extends far beyond the lifespan of the carriers. Make sure you're not investing a lot of money in a product that will only serve your needs during infancy.

Cost of Double Strollers for Twins

Some strollers for multiples can cost upwards of $500. Most range from $100 - $300. Cost is certainly an important factor. Carefully consider how much you want to spend. A stroller is definitely a vital piece of equipment during your babies' early years, but its lifespan is limited to a few years at most.

Your transportation needs will shift somewhat as your children grow from infancy to toddlerhood, and you may not want to invest a lot of money in a product that won't serve your needs over the years. An experienced mom advises, "It is very hard to visualize and plan for the obsolesce of baby things. It just happens so quickly. You are thinking, 'We can use this stroller for years,' and the reality is that most people barely get the seat cover dirty when their children are walking and refuse to ride." Consider buying two -- or more -- less expensive models that serve different needs, for example, an ]all-terrain jogger for walks to the park and a tandem to keep in the car for errands.

Used strollers are always a hot commodity. Consult your local multiples club to find great deals on used equipment. Don't compromise just to get a good price, however; strollers receive a lot of wear and tear. Make sure all latches, hinges, brakes, belts and other safety features are intact and that any wear won't affect the operation of the stroller.

Although you'll find plenty of eager buyers, don't expect to resell an expensive stroller and recoup your initial investment. Used strollers usually go for about one-third of their original price.

What do you think? Take the Stroll Poll and tell us what kind of double stroller you prefer for twins.

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