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Are there cribs made just for twins?


Updated July 25, 2013

Corner Cribs for twins

Two Corner Cribs put together for twins.

Baby Trilogy, Inc.
Question: Are there cribs made just for twins?

There are some bedding products made especially for infant twins, but they are not widely available. New crib standards ensure child safety, but make it difficult for unique products to find a market. Here are some of the options that I've found through the years. While they may not be available for purchase any longer, they may give you some ideas for creative decorating.

The Twins Crib from Netkidswear.com, an online division of a New Jersey children's store. It appears to be a bunk-bed style crib, with two crib areas stacked on top of each other. In this way he product uses less floor space (about 6 square feet), but is 71 inches tall.

The Pamco Twin Crib from Kiwi Kid LLC allows the babies to enjoy close contact with each other while maintaining separate sleeping spaces. It converts to two single beds when your twins are ready to move out of their cribs. It takes up about 20 square feet of floor space, esentially two cribs connected by a clear lucite panel that divides the sleeping spaces.

In the UK, the Twin Crib from TwinsThings is two wicker cribs that can be used individually or combined for a dramatic double effect. It is sold complete with mattresses and complimentary bedding. The company also offers an L-shaped Twin Corner Cot that converts into beds and/or a sofa.

The Duetta Crib Mate from The Little Miss Liberty Round Crib Company is a set of dual round cribs that can be used individually, or even expanded to accommodate triplets. Each round segment has a diameter of 45 inches and can be configured in a variety of styles to feature a canopy or dome.

The Twin Corner Crib, formerly available from MoreThanOne.com, accomodates two babies, however the company went out of business. This crib is basically L-shaped, with two cribs joined together at one corner. An optional center divider, sold separately, can be installed as babies grow to keep them contained in their own space. The crib measures 57" along each wall, 47" tall, and 36" wide, and can be converted into a toddler bed.

Another product option is the uniquely shaped Corner Crib from Baby Trilogy, Inc. This model features a sort of pie-wedge shape. When two cribs are put together for twins, they form a semi-circle. These may be available on the secondary market.

All of these specialized options come at a cost, with prices starting at about $800 (US) plus shipping and ranging upwards of $2000. And many styles require specialized custom bedding, at an additional cost. Get more information about these products at Cribs for Twins Slideshow

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