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Pamela Prindle Fierro

Top 10 Posts About Multiples in 2012

By December 29, 2012

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There were a lot of posts on this site in 2012. Here are the ten most popular posts. From funny names for twins to the Hensel twins new tv show, this is what my readers were interested in -- and talking about -- this past year.

10. Twins of the Week: Louis and Leo: Every Wednesday, I post your pictures of twins and multiples. These two-cute twin boys were the most popular in 2012. (From February 22, 2012)

9. Eating Out With Your Multiples: Do you dare take your twins to a restaurant? Check out these tips before you head out to a restaurant. (From September 23, 2012)

8. Abby & Brittany Show on TLC: Conjoined sisters, Abby and Brittany Hensel, debuted in their new reality tv show. (From August 27, 2012)

7. What Did You Look Like When You Were Having Twins?: The Twin Pregnancy Photo Gallery showcases moms of multiples during their pregnancy with twins, triplets or more. The belly features... shall we say ... "prominently" in these photos! (From July 5, 2012)

6. Do You Shop at Twins Club Sales?: One of the biggest benefits of belonging to a twins or multiples club is "the sale" -- annual or semi-annual opportunities to buy and sell all your twin stuff. (From August 20, 2012)

5. Funny Names for Twins: I often come across other combinations of names that would be funny, silly, crazy or interesting names for twins. This list details some of them, and offers you a chance to suggest your own funny name combinations. (From June 28, 2012)

4. Top 10 Signs of Twins: Moms talk about the signs and symptoms they experienced during their twin pregnancy (From January 23, 2012)

3. Can a Boy and a Girl Be Identical Twins?: This is a very popular question, and the answer was the third most viewed blog post of 2012! (From June 19, 2012)

2. Identical Triplets: Many people are familiar with identical twins. But did you realize that some triplets are also identical? (From April 16, 2012)

And the most popular blog post of 2012 was ....

1. When Did You Find Out You Were Having Twins?: Whether you know from Day One, or don't know until they are delivered, finding out that you are having multiples is a big shock! Some people find out early in the pregnancy and have plenty of time to plan, while others spend their pregnancy in blissful ignorance. What about you? (From March 19, 2012)



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