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Readers Respond: Why I'm Thankful to Have Twins

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Updated November 10, 2009

When we count our blessings, children are at the top of the list. For parents of multiples, whose children arrive simultaneously, those blessings seem multiplied. Amidst the chaos of daily life, it can be easy to lose perspective and forget why we are thankful for our blessings. Take a moment to recount your blessings, and reflect on why you are thankful to be a parent of twins. Share Your Reasons

So thankful for my twin boys

I agree with everyone that having twins is a lot of work but it is also a precious joy to hold two babies close n see them grow together. My fraternal twin boys were born early at 34 weeks but thankfully if not have to oh to ICU. They stayed with us the whole time at the hospital. They are now two n play n make each other laugh. Such a blessing we are very thankful for them n wouldn't change a minute.
—Guest Bridgette

Thankful for Twins

Mom of Boy/Girl twins 1 yr olds....a blessing and surprise at same time..my other 2 kids are 22 and 17..Healthy pregnancy and healthy babies..thank God
—Guest Mesha Ray

Grateful to tears

I went for two ultra sounds, at the first my baby was too small to detect, second ultra sound at 9weeks they told me baby was healthy, following this appointment because I constantly felt ill and didn't understand why my pregnancy was so big I went back at twelve weeks, they sent me up for a more intensified examination cos the doc thought I might have fibroid. To my surprise and absolute joy they found a second baby, I'm 13weeks pregnant with identical twin boys, God has already blessed us with a girl, we feel so favoured I wanna cry, all my angels are perfect and just looking at my lil girl and thinking I'm gonna get two more simultaneously I tears of joy and disbelief fill my eyes as I look to our Father in pure wonder of what grace mercy and love He has shown us. I'm thankful, with all I am. Triple blessings
—Guest Lerato (it means love in Tswana)

"my sons and my daughters"

This scripture in the book of Joel-i always questioned, until I took a step of faith and said God I am giving my life to be used by you- and guess what I became pregnant a third time with boy/girl twins. I have a older daugter and son. Our children are for His gloryand praise
—Guest malini

Father to Joy Nicole

My twin daughters!!, how lovely they are to me and my wife. We welcomed them at 29 wks. They are now 8 months.God has since then bonded us together to see these children grow. I thank mywife HILGER who has worked tirelessly to see them grow Thank God who has blessed them with good life.
—Guest mawanda

Their relationship

Their relationship is so special. Just watching them interact is amazing. Mine are fraternal boy/girl, so I thought they'd just have a "normal" brother/sister relationship but they are FAR close than that - I guess spending 8 months together in the same womb creates a life long bond:)
—Guest Ciara

We are Thankful to GOD

We are Thankful to God for showering as with our wonderful TWINS. Its such a Joy. Sometimes I even cry, (TEARS OF JOY) They are the best thing that has happend to us in Life. LOVE MY KIDS
—Guest Bridget

My boy/girl twins

I was so excited to find out I was having twins. My 3rd & 4th child! They have a bond like no other. My babies don't cry for me, they cry for each other. I'm thankful the Lord gave me 2 boys and 2 girls, now they have their own genders to play with when older. It will be a challenge I know! However God will NOT give what you can't handle! Take care everyone and enjoy the awesome life of twins!
—Guest Tania


I am thankful for my twin girls. I love them so much. I was on bed rest since 17 weeks. Didn't think they would make it. Docs told me they were not going to make it. But God said otherwise. They were born at 35 weeks. Healthy and beautiful. They are challenging to take care of sometimes but I would not have my life without them. In fact, they bring me closer to God in a way I could've only imagined. I asked for them and I then received them. What started out as a half hearted joke and mumblings became a reality. God listens and he has a sense of humor. The twins are my testimony to God's grace.
—Guest Candace

what a wonderfull God we have

on 3rd of nov God blessed me with beautifull twin boys. i am so thankfull for them,they bring joy to me,especially when they playing and laughing.i know it is not easy but they are blessing from God.
—Guest enderline

I am very very thankful

My twins were born yesterday on thanksgiving...they are boys, Marcus and Max. It was very exciting, my whole family was over and we were finishing up desert when I went into labour. I t was very quick, we went to the hospital and around 11:45 they were born!!! My sister and brother watched there kids as well as my son Nicholas who is 3. I can't wait to come home tomorrow! I hope to have a girl someday!!!
—Guest Marta

blessing after heartache

I was 38 before I decided to start a family. Over 1 1/2 years I got pregnant 3 times and miscarried 3 times in the first trimester. I told my husband that it was too painful and I would only try one more time. I got pregnant and went tot see an alternative doctor that I trusted implicitly, and I stayed pregnant past the first trimester. At 18 weeks I had a structural ultrasound aocompanied by my mom and husband. Lo and behold, the technician said she was glad I was laying down because there were 2 babies in there! I carried them for a day shy of 37 weeks. They were almost 6 pounds each, and they are happy and healthy almost 3 years later. I thank God for hearing my anguish and blessing my with two. I am of advanced age and always wanted two, so it was perfect all around. A boy and a girl to boot! I am SO thankful for them.

double kisses:)

thank GD for twins! double kisses to give out!! less fights of siblings about who will get to hold the baby! and for me- they "spared" me a C section :)
—Guest YeS

Abigail & Gabriel's Mom

I gave birth to boy/girl twins on April 9, 2011. It was surprising to even learn I was pregos, but to also hear there were two was overwhelming for a first time Mom! I have to tell you it is certainly more work...but so much more love and funny moments two! The blessing of childbirth is a breathtaking(literally) & amazing experience in itself, but to give birth to twins? There are no words to express the joy, love and the humility in knowing G-d chose to give us a double portion! I also know there's something to the "twin connection" ...when we lay them beside eachother at naptime, it never fails, as they are sleeping they somehow end up so close to eachother as if they are "cuddling" or you notice they are "holding/touching" eachother's hand. It's beautiful to see. Moms of singletons... your babies are a gift for sure; but being a Mom of Twins is the best gift in the world times two! Make no mistake...We are truly blessed! I am so thankful G-d chose me to be a Mommy of Twins too! ❤
—Guest Kimla G.


I get fascinated when the two daughters compete to lie on my laps. When I retire from the work place they compete to reach me and when I cajole the first to reach me the other resigns therefore I have to take turns to reach the other so that she does"t develop a poor impression about their dad. Wow! I must make them happy by always purchasing double presents. They keep on motivating me to study child growth and development. They made me a champion in one of the college psychology units because my knowledge stems from experience. Although some communities in our place loath twins especially firstborns, I feel it is a worth good experience to have one in a persons birth life. At first members of my community thought I had a rough time to manage the twins. Alas! Luck came my side and got a job in the formal sector. I mean they inspired me to be aggressive to attend to as many vacancy announcements as possible. Something interesting is once one gets sick I prepare for the next.

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Why I'm Thankful to Have Twins

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