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Readers Respond: Baby Equipment for Twins

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Updated May 15, 2009

From the article: To Buy Two?
Double babies means double stuff, right? Not necessarily! Doubling up on everything can mean alot of wasted expense for parents. Parents of twins and multiples offer their expert advice on when to buy two, and when you can get by with sharing one. Tell us what worked for you. Did you need two -- or just one?

double twin

I got a jane twin pro and It's fantastic can get around shops and it's so easy to push everyone loves it. I also got two swings two bouncy chairs . I also found not waking the boys unless they woke for feeds alot easyer hope this helps. x

Minimalistic is best

We have twins, a boy and a girl. When they were born we lived in a small apartment and shortly after moved into an average size house, but we still kept things simple. They are 9 months and still sleep in the same crib (they don't bother each other at all). One changing table, they share clothes, we use cloth diapers and while we didn't need double, we did need more than if you're having one. They share toys, we only had one swing. Obviously they are some things you can't get away with one. We have two car seats and we have two bouncy seats because that's where we do most of our feeding, my dad has made them two high chairs which will be arriving any day now. My husband and I try to live simply and its make for much less clutter if we do the same with the babies.
—Guest Guest mom of twins

Two of Everything

I have a set of 8 month old twins (boy and a girl); luckily we were given a set of cribs by our friends who have twin girls that outgrew them. We kept them in the same crib only until they were about 2 months old and started squirming. We have only one changing table, you can always use the floor. I suggest buying two swings, for a while, that is the only place they would sleep, and having them sleep at the same time is a life saver. Two jumpers are a must! They jump all the time and enjoy jumping next to eachother. Double the bottles, sippy cups, bowls, formula, diapers, clothes, diapers, burp clothes, blankets, etc. Two boppys, two carseats, I even have two strollers (Gracco duo-line, and a side-by-side jogger), two car seats, two bumbos. You can share some toys, although when you notice they both always like one, get another. It's always easiest to buy one of the main, expensive things and see later on if you need another.
—Guest Dana

1 Help Yourself Feeding Solution tray

Only need one for one baby, two or more! Designed by a Mother of twins. Held like an art palette baby food or home made baby food inserts direct. Great for feeding on the go. A unique product that works. Yogurts, applesauces, veggie cups found at Walmart, fruit cups and more fit too! Comes with two removable cups to make your own food in. Made in USA and is BPA FREE, Dishwasher and microwave safe. later suctions to table when baby is learning to self feed. You insert rectangular baby food container into tray, wrap a promotional silicone wristband like Livestrong under the tray around the container, then suction it to the table or high chair. Baby cannot remove the food. I took mine to restaurants, parks, malls and everywhere!


We bought 2 cribs - they should not be in same crib without a divider (SIDS risk). We bought convertible cribs so it will last them for a long time We have a multi-floor house so we have 2 changing tables - 1 on ea floor of house. Not necessary but very convenient now that our babies are 4 months old so they are in nursery for night only We have 2 diaper bags..1 big enough to hold feeding + changing stuff and a smaller one that holds changing stuff only. We choose which to take based on how long we plan to be out. But having 2 also helps so each parent can take a twin and a diaper bag to save time when traveling on the road Most toys and activity gym we have them share. They will outgrow them fast 2 bouncy chairs and bumbo seats - very useful to manage twins No bath seat - not necessary 1 infant bath tub and 1 larger primo bath tub for when they outgrow infant tub
—Guest Guest

But eventually...

I have twin boys that are nearing their second birthday, when they were months old we could get away by having only One thing for them to share. No however we have to have two of everything because it is impossible to teach them to share sometimes despite the fact we have two identical pieces of everything they still fight over one. But eventually I do put my feet down when it comes to expensive stuff having 2 different things is better and they will eventually learn to share.
—Guest Mom of 2wins

Matching sometimes helps

Some things are nicer if they match or are interchangable. We had 3 high chairs but one did not match. Eventually, we went and got a matching one to make cleaning up easier. Then we didn't have to worry about which tray went to which chair. Made life much easier. Fortunately we were still able to get one like the others and it made our lives a bit easier.
—Guest Kari

bath seats?

My wife and I have 5 month old twins.... You definitely do NOT need 2 bath seats... One is fine, just take turns giving bath. It allows for some great 1-on-1 time.
—Guest Adam

some one some two and some three

my twins are now almost 7 months, we did buy two cots but they still sleep toegether. i think one should only buy the bare nesecities and save ones money untill they are actually there and you then can see what you really need and what not. if posible borrow and see if you use it. my eldest is now 3 and he would like to be the same as his brothers. it is wise to have a couple of things that are the same for all your children and the rest can be different and they can share. the one thing that i will however say was a lifesaver that i have 2 of is the feeding pillows but i think you should have 2 even if you only have one child, one behind your back for back support and one for the twins to lie on
—Guest Margarethe

twin girls

i have 4 month old twin girls. we use a crib divider for now and use one mobile. We have two bouncey seats boppies, etc...
—Guest brandie

We eventually bought two of everything

When our twins were born, I went on the advice of only getting one crib, one swing, one bouncer, one activity mat, etc. I found out quickly that advice did not work for us. We bought the extra equipment used, or received it from friends to help cut the cost of an already very expensive situation. I then rotated the girls, so that they weren't stuck with the same view everyday. I opted for the Superyard XT from Babys R Us with foam mats from One Step Ahead for the floor instead of 2 pack-n-plays once they were mobile, and portable highchairs for feeding. I have three double strollers-Combi side by side, Graco inline and a double jogger (had the double Snap N Go when they were infants). Double the bottles, diapers, even clothing at times, although having both girls close in size helped out a lot. Now they are 3 and I still have double of some stuff -cups and dishes, tricycles and scooters, but other things they share -toys, art supplies, etc. It gets easier as they get older.

To double or not to double

The twins are 6 months (b/g). We have used two cribs, bouncy seats, boppies, bottle warmers, mobiles, nursery chairs for feedings (mom and dad both need a place to sit) and baby carriers (bjorns). We also have double the blankets, sleep sacks/swaddlers, bottles, pacifiers, toys, clothes, bibs, burp cloths, and car seats. We have one changing table, bath seat, play yard (extra big - Joovy). For things like swings, exersaucer, exercise mats, etc..., you can get one and if they both really love it then you can think of getting another. We only use one diaper bag at a time but we have a few. One that we keep in the car for emergencies, one that travels with us and one that stays and grandma's house.
—Guest mom of twins

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