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Readers Respond: Packing a Diaper Bag for Twins

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Updated June 01, 2011

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  • When you have twins, you've got "stuff"! A good diaper bag is only the start of it; it's what is inside that can make or break a situation. When you're out and about with your twins or multiples, what are the must-have items that you need on the go? Spill the contents of your diaper bag and share your suggestions. What do you pack in your diaper bag for twins?

    I use the Skip Hop diaper duo

    With a 7 mos old and a 19 mos old I currently carry........4 bottles (two each) in a cooler bag inside the diaper bag. I carry single servings of the formula packs, a water bottle for formula, a plastic table topper which rolled up fits in a cup holder compartment, two change of clothes per kid depending on weather, 5 diapers each so a total of 10, got matching skip hop diaper case, carry a first aid kit, have a case with utensils for both and straws. Have disposable bibs, mesh laundry bag, roll of plastic bags for dirty diapers,snacks, baby food, juice box or sippy cup, toys, and picket for my keys wallet and phone. Believe or not, still have room to spare!! I got the skip hop bento box and it fits perfectly in one of the front pockets. Best of all attaches to tandem stroller so I dont carry the weight
    —Guest momma of two

    My diaper bag

    About 8 diapers, wipes, 2 toys, palette, 2 sippy cups, hand sanitizer, Cheerio+puffies+corn chex mix, fishie crackers, pen, paper,bottle bungees, extra clothes for each.
    —Guest Barbara

    What I used to carry...

    Used the Skip-Hop Duo to hold: bottles, powdered formula, diapers, wipes, changing pad, change of clothing for each, dirty duds bag (for dirty clothes), sunscreen, hats, snacks, in a zippered pouch baby & mommy meds (Tylenol, Benadryl, Advil), my wallet, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, water bottle, in another zippered pouch pad/tampons, a Ziploc bag with emergency contact info, along with a permission letter for grand parents (in case of a medical emergency, inc. insurance info and phone numbers). Then hooked it to the double stroller to ease the stain on my shoulder. I tried to group as much as I could into small bags, so that I could easily take what ever I might need depending on the trip planned (had a smaller bag for quick errands and a backpack for the non stroller trips). Wow, now that they are almost 5, I only carry water and snacks, and actually went back to a regular purse!

    In the bag!

    I keep 2 diapers, wipes, Snacks, and juice cups for my two year olds. I also stash a bag in the car with clothes, diapers, and wipes just in case!
    —Guest Christina

    In my bag

    I also have the basics plus sunscreen, Flip camera, plastic baggies (for diaper disposal and baby food trash), pacifier wipes and my latest twins book!
    —Guest Jmares

    In my diaper bag

    I am a new mom of twins, but have 3 older children. My diaper bag is a backpack. I keep each child's change of clothes, bibs, burp rags, etc. in their own ziplock bag in the back pack. It makes it much easier to find each child's belongings. I also keep a first aid kit, lip balm, tissues, & sunscreen. I also keep a spare pacifier for the babies and a spare snack for the older boys.

    Graco Optimo

    We found this bag in an Outlet for 20 dollars and it's been great. I tend to carry around the minimum of stuff, mostly only 1 or 2 diapers/twin, and one change for the bigger one which would also fit the smaller one. I have to carry stuff for my older child, too. Other than the diapers, the clothes, I usually have 3 bottles (3 insulated pockets in the bag!), a snack, wipes and sunscreen in it. And the first aid kit, which mainly contains a disinfectant spray and bandaids large enough to cover a knee or elbow (or some net tubing and gauze). No medication needed, when they have a fever they are not out and about and leaving drugs in the bag can be dangerous for other curious little hands and mouths. I also have a handbag with MY things in it, which I carry over my shoulder.
    —Guest Bionic Hobbit

    Not much any more

    My twins are toddlers, so my bag has seriously downsized its contents. We now carry the essentials: diapers, wipes, first aid (including benadryll and tylenol), changing pad, snack cups, table toppers, sippy cups, and camera. I've taken out the bottles, formula, water bottles, changes of clothes, extra blankets, toys, bulb syringe, pacifiers, paci wipes, etc. If you're looking at diaper bags, lots of pockets, place for cell and wallet, and a backpack really helps when you have one kid on each hip!
    —Guest Beth

    What's in my Juicy Couture Baby Bag?

    Not only do I pack the basics, but I also have extra pockets for first aid. I like having Tylenol pain reliever/fever reducer ready. Also, baby teething relief gel, bulb sunction syringe/Little noses drops, hydrocortisone, baby sun-screen, bandaids and vaseline. This baby bag has the space if your traveling with two. It's stylish and has compartments for your cell phone, keys and wallet! The baby bag is expensive but it's worth every penny for me because it's the last time I'm having any more kids :)
    —Guest Magdalena Porras

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