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Readers Respond: What stroller do you have for your twins?

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Updated August 08, 2010

Great Double Stroller!

My wife and I love this double stroller. Very easy to pull and the kids love it. I can't find another that folds up so flat either. Its called the Fisher Price Utility Stroller. We got a terrific price too from YoungZebra.com.

Snap and Go

I have a snap and go. It was great while the girls were little. I didnt have to disturb them by taking them out of their carseats while napping. The storage is great underneath and the mommy cup holder is jsut what the Coffe Dr ordered. They outgrew it as soon as they outgrew their carseats. Worked great for 9 months!
—Guest Twin mommy

recommend a stroller

Have a maclaren side by side. Dont like it much. Just bought a Baby Jogger City Mini...Best stroller ever!!! My twins love it. Makes my life much easier!!
—Guest lauren

Prefer Side-by-Side

The tandem system with the infant seats is great for little babies, but once my twins were old enough to sit up and look around, the tandem was misery. They were much happier in a side-by-side where they could see in front of them -- and see each other. We stuck with that for many years.
—Guest Paula

Live in the McClaren

I tried the graco tandem and felt like I was steering a cruise ship. Love my McClaren side by side. Although now they are at the point where they whine: "He's touching me, she's on my side." Oh well. Nothing's perfect.
—Guest maisey

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