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Readers Respond: Worst Things About Twin Pregnancy

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Updated January 10, 2012

You're having twins! It's an exciting time of joy and anticipation as you look forward to the arrival of two babies. How lucky ... one pregnancy that yields two babies! Right? While there are benefits to a two-for-one pregnancy, there are also some extreme side effects that can prove unpleasant. Some of the regular side effects of pregnancy are magnified with twins, and sometimes a twin pregnancy brings its own unpleasant complications. Share Your Complaints

Uncomfortable and inconvenienced

Finding out about my pregnancy was a blessing and a curse at the same time. I am 38 years old with a 21 yr old son. I found out at 6 weeks and found out I'm having twins when I went for the ultrasound. I was totally blown away. I sat on the information for 1 week before sharing the news and ultrasound pictures with my boyfriend. At 10 weeks, my chief complaints are physical affects: I have ZERO energy, my boobs are very sensitive, there's a lot of vaginal pressure and all I want to do is sleep... and if I push myself to stay awake, I catch a headache. Further, I can sleep all day but have issues staying asleep at night. Feeling this way so early on is making me worry and feel as if something is wrong. I feel them fluttering around and it's amazing when I feel both of them. But the discomfort is talking a physical toll. If anyone has experienced this, please share your remedies for relaxing and relieving the pressure. Thanks in advance! Regards, Worried x2
—Guest Nickie

to love or hate?

This is my third pregnancy. Have two boys already, 2 and 6. This is my first twin pregnancy, twin girls. I'm 22 weeks now, just the start of 6 months but feel and look like 8 months! ive been so uncomfortable the last two months its shocked me! i didnt feel like this till the end of my last single pregnancies. Swollen feet, hands. Insane crazy emotional hormones! so easily agitated and very open about i feel lol. ache is horrible on my chest n face at times. belly puts so much pressure on my hips, pinches nerves in both my legs from them. My hips got really wide! none of my pants fit anymore, pretty much hate wearing pants now, or anything for that matter. boobs have gone up more then a cup size already. only gained 25 lbs but feelsl like 40 and still have a ways to go. i do love feeling them move though and knowing im making two more lil lives in there. its defintly an experience and its hard to handle if you dont have the patience. I dont yet, but am determined to work on it )
—Guest Kayla

Pain and back and legs

I'm 4 months feels like 8. I'm a small woman a n they are moving now I can see the movement. But sleep not so much I'm hungry seems like every 10 min but they are small. Gain 16 lbs in 4 week. Is their any way to make sleeping better. These are. So active had ultrasound thought they were hugging until one kid the other. Scared more than anything. Also on bed rest this sucks ! It feels like I'm not stretching fast enough they own me. Also pee pee on my self. I was 108 lbs before this I am now 149. Anyone that can help email me. And they say girl identical
—Guest Shannel

Round Ligament Pain

Well, okay, the worst part of twin pregnancy was developing high blood pressure and giving birth early. But other than that, having near constant round ligament pain for well over a month or two was definitely the next hardest.
—Guest RcCarol

complaints about twin prgnancy

i think it has really been an experience for me. the day i went for the ultrasound was when i was only seven weeks pregnant, i think i received the message from the radiologist with mixed feelings. But my husband helped to change my feelings because he was very very happy when i told him about it. this pregnancy has actually changed alot in my family and love life. i have several complaints although i have managed to go through them with the bid support from my sweetie. 1-swolen feet 2- too much apetite 3- paining joints 4-weight gain up to 107kgs 5-very big belly. at three months the belly looked like six weeks. am now at seven months but people expect me to delivering the next hour. stomach tooooo big. 6-feel sleepy and weak all the time with diffuculty in walking.

Two more things to add to the list

Having gone through a singlton pregnancy before the twins, I pretty much knew what to expect. However, one thing I had not thought about was when it was time to monitor the babies movements. With one baby, no problem. With two, it was really hard to determine who was moving, and who wasn't. There were a few times that I thought I didn't feel one of the twins move at all, and it added even more worry about having multiples. I had monthy Level II ultrasounds, and though I was not too thrilled about having them, it was good for me to see where each baby was located. It helped me out when the girls were too big to switch positions! The second was the actual delivery. Since both girls were both head down, I was a go for a vaginal delivery. My OB did not have many patients with multiples, so she really wanted me to deliver the twins as quickly as possible. It ended up taking 23 min., and she was very edgy the whole time. Not something you want in an already emotional situation!

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Worst Things About Twin Pregnancy

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