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Readers Respond: Suggestions on How to Tell Identical Twins Apart

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Updated November 14, 2011

From the article: Telling Twins Apart
When twins are identical -- or monozyogtic -- they may have remarkably similar appearances. Parents of twins are constantly being asked "How do you tell them apart?" What are your tricks for telling your twins apart, and for helping others distinguish them? Do you use color coordinated clothing, a physical clue, or pneumonic cues for their names? Share your suggestions on how to tell twins apart.

Telling us apart.

As babies, my identical twin and i were so alike no one could tell the difference. we were skinny too, so our name bands that our parents kept on from when we were born kept falling off: I may have been born as Erin, rather than Imogen! It got to the point that they were going to tattoo a small blue dot on one of our heels, when Erin got a freckle on her leg! Saved! Nowadays people tell us apart by our personalities, since our clothes are similar styles, and the fact that I have a mole just under my ear. People in school used to tell us apart by bobble colours since our school had a uniform. And ask us to wear name tags. Grrrr
—Guest Idgey

Telling my twins apart

I have identical twin sons (Mani and Sairam) who are now 20 years old. Mani is left-handed, while Sairam is right handed. That is a very distinguishing difference between them. My wife and I and many close relatives and friends can tell them apart, but it can be confusing for many. On phone however, it is impossible to know to whom I am speaking unless they identify themselves. During childhood days, we were counselled by my wife's gynecologist to NOT try to make them look similar by dressing them up in similar clothes. We took that advise seriously and used different color clothes for them. They share many common interests (watching and playing football, listening to music, movies, and so many other likes), but they are different too in subtle ways. They did study in the same school, but college is in different cities and they have been living away for 4 years. They miss each other, and have told me as much. Sometimes I wonder if it would have better if they had been in the same collg
—Guest Raj

Telling my idential twins apart

My girls have made it easy for me to tell them apart. First, Emma is very adamant that nobody gets her confused with her sister, and will correct you if you get it wrong (and they are only 3 years old). Second, their personalities are polar opposites of each other, so this has also made it easy on everyone in the family to tell them apart. There are subtle features I can point out to strangers, but they usually shrug their shoulders and say, I can't see any difference.
—Guest emmyemmasmommy

Telling My Twins Apart

I have seven year old identical twin daughters called Harper and Hayden and it is very hard to tell them apart. Harper who is older by a minute and twenty six seconds has a tiny scar next to her right eyebrow that heps us but mostly we just dress Harper in pink,red and white which are her favourite colours and we dress Hayden in black,blue and green which are her favourite colours.
—Guest Parker

Telling my best friends apart

My best friends are identical twins. The way I tell them apart is how they act around other people and their voices. The "older" one is more shy and has a slightly higher pitched voice, while the "younger" twin is more social and bubbly, with a lower voice.
—Guest Elle

How teachers tell twins apart

How I tell my two twin friends apart is by there hight and by their smiles.
—Guest Mai Neng Vang

telling my boys apart

My twins are now 4mo its really hard for everyone else to tell them apart but I just know I don't need little things but their dad and rest of the world do so in the beginning I painted ones toe nail. And now their personality helps their dad Levi is an extreme mommas boy. But for everyone else Eli has a little more hair on the top of his head and I coordinate their car seats so they know this is who by their name on the handle and different clothes. I do not dress them alike since they are two different ppl just have a sibling the same age.. :))
—Guest jessye

telling my twins apart

My daughters are now 8 and since they were born we have color coded them because they look so much alike. Kate has four letter and we have dressed her in pink (4 letters). The other defaulted to purple or yellow. Color coding remains a great way to help their teachers tell them apart today.
—Guest maureen

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