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Readers Respond: Suggestions on How to Tell Identical Twins Apart

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Updated November 14, 2011

From the article: Telling Twins Apart
When twins are identical -- or monozyogtic -- they may have remarkably similar appearances. Parents of twins are constantly being asked "How do you tell them apart?" What are your tricks for telling your twins apart, and for helping others distinguish them? Do you use color coordinated clothing, a physical clue, or pneumonic cues for their names? Share your suggestions on how to tell twins apart. Share Your Tips

How I could tell my twins apart

On our twins their belly buttons were different and I would think that would be the same on most twins. We did use color coding and painting of toe nails and birth marks while they lasted as well, but the belly button was always a permeant factor, even if not always easy to get to. Now that they are five, personality gives it away right off for me, but I remind others of things like one has a chipped tooth
—Guest kerri

Different Color Earrings ;)

I have twin girls. We had their ears pierced as soon as they had their dTap shots. One is pink the other is purple :)
—Guest Jennifer

Different Personalties

My twin girls aged 8 are identical. Close friends and family can make them out. In school they are in different classes. Some chidren still can't tell the difference. I dress them alike but they don't like it sometimes. I sometimes get confused because they sound the same. And from the back its hard to say which twin they are. But my twins, one is slightly chubbier than the other and that's how we tell them apart.

tip for telling girl twins apart

i put one pony tail on one twin and two on the other. it helps a lot and this way they can be distinguished from far way and ever from the back
—Guest mami

Telling twins apart

My nieces are twins and I had a hard time figuring out who was who at first but got the hang of it. I just looked for freckles that maybe one twin had but the other didn't and when they got older I could tell by height. Other people that know twins tell them apart by noticing one twins ears are pointy and the other twins ears are round. Also sometimes the parent tries to make sure one is left handed and the other is right handed.
—Guest Kristen

Identical Boys

My boys have been hard to tell apart from the beginning. Even their personalities are too close to really rely on. One of them has a "crimp" in his ear and that is a telltale sign but otherwise people have a lot of trouble. I always liked having similar clothes in different colors (and sticking to the same colors per twin). Now they are 4 and rarely pick similar clothes. I do worry next year, they will be wearing uniforms for school and there is only one color combination. When it comes to mistakes usually I just correct people and tell them it isn't a big deal, because I certainly get them mixed up all the time. Half the time I call them their brother's name and he looks nothing like them!! I think you just have to let kids be themselves and not get too worked up about people that can't decipher who is who. Those that are their friends will figure it out with time and that is what matters.
—Guest becks177

telling my twin boys apart

My twin boys are almost 5 and it's hard for me too. Dressed them different because Rameez will ask me, "Where is Raeez?" --same tshirt. Rameez have a birthmark on his inner leg and Raeez doesn't have one.They very much alike. Raeez doesn't talk much, but Rameez can talk whole day.
—Guest kashiefa lawrence

Dressing Alike

I dressed the girls the same in the beginning because it was easy. When they got older they dressed themselves and they would discuss if they wanted to be the same or different. I always have 2 sets of the same thing to reducing fights. They dress alike 75% of the time. Sometime they would wear two different shoes, but each had on one of them. Basically they had fun playing around. They have been know to wear different cloths to school and then switch them half way through the day to confuse the teacher.
—Guest Gretchen

How to Tell Identical Twins Apart(GIRLS)

For Shelby & Riley I used to have a safety pin on all of Shelby's cloths. When they got older, I bought the pandora necklaces with S or R charm and then the teachers could tell them apart. They are solid and are hard to open.
—Guest Gretchen

How to tell twins apart

I have 4yr old identical girls, addison and ashlyn. Others have a hard time with looks but they dont wear the same alot, and are like night day! Addi is older by 46mins and more shy, ash is very outspoken and in charge sometimes over their older sister too
—Guest Amymommyofthree

Telling my twins apart

When we first brought our boys home from the hospital it was very difficult to tell them apart. For the first two days they were at home we kept there wrist bands from the hospital on them. On their first doctors appt thier pediatrician gave me the idea to paint one toe nail on one of the boys so I could tell who was who. Such a great idea and worked awesome. Now they are 4 1/2 and while my husband, myself and close family members can tell them apart others can not and see no differences in them. They have very different personalities and to me look and sound different. When buying clothes I search for like outfits in different colors. One boys favorite color is blue and the other green. They dont dress alike often but occasionally want to. To me my twins are like any other kids they just look a little bit more alike than most siblings do. :)
—Guest Mindye


i was told that the twin with the longest chin is the oldest. can't always put them together, now how
—Guest Cheryl

Silly Me!

My identicals are mirror-image. When they were born I had two gold name tags made and always attached it to the right twin - except one day when I emptied the dryer & realized I had laundered the tags together with their clothes. I had to ask my nineteen-month old son Andrew which twin was which. I hope he was right - I still don't know.
—Guest ellingeqt

Dressing Alike

I used to buy two of everything, and then allow them to choose what they wanted to wear; some days they were dressed identically, other days they were completely different. That's the best thing to do, otherwise they will tend to think of themselves as one!

It's easy

My twins, adults now, always have had very different personalities. Their friends could easily tell them apart at school. However, they had to be separated in class because the teacher always thought that they were cheating because they received identical marks in exams.

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Suggestions on How to Tell Identical Twins Apart

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