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Readers Respond: Advice on Feeding Twins

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Updated November 27, 2012

One of the biggest challenges for parents of twins is meeting the needs of hungry babies. Whether feeding by bottle, breast or a combination of the two, it takes some clever strategies to get those babies fed. Please share your strategies for feeding twins. Did you feed them at the same time, or separately? Explain your choice to breastfeed or bottle feed, and why it worked best for your family. What tips or tricks can you offer to help other parents simplify the process of feeding their twins? Share Your Tips

Feed twins tips to feed simultaneously

In the middle of the night I put the boys in upright rockers and sat on the floor and fed them together. When one needed to be burped, I would use a knee to hold the others bottle up and quickly burp the other. My boys had reflux, as I suspect many premies have, so feeding upright was helpful for the reflux. I always fed them at the same time and they got very used to this schedule. I was able to feed quickly and in the dark, so I could put them back to sleep quickly as well. Try to minimize the activity at night and feed quickly and quietly.
—Guest Kerrie

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Advice on Feeding Twins

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