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Reader Submissions: Multiples Holiday Greetings - Families of Multiples Share Their Holiday Photos

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Capturing a great family photo for a holiday greeting is an annual rite of passage for many families with multiples. Shared with family and friends near and wide, they preserve a moment in time and provide a record for reflecting back in future years. Recipients look forward to the appearance of a holiday card in their mailbox, anticipating a chance to see how much the children have grown in the last year. Share your holiday greetings with About.com this year! Upload your picture, tell us about your family and your multiples. Describe when/how the picture was taken. Then share your tips for getting the perfect photo.

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Who's who? From left to right, identify the family members. Tell their ages, multiples' zygosity or other details.
When and where was this holiday shot captured? Are you at home? On vacation? At a special event from the past year?

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What's the secret to getting a great holiday photo of your family? How do you get both twins to smile at the same time?

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