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Emma and Katie - Keep Taking Pictures to Get the Right Shot of Twins

Submit an Entry: Multiples Holiday Greetings - Families of Multiples Share Their Holiday Photos

By Alexis

Updated December 21, 2010

Emma and Katie - Keep Taking Pictures to Get the Right Shot of Twins

Emma and Katie

What's your holiday wish this year?

To have a great time with my family!

Meet My Family

Emma and Katie (5 years old)

Our Holiday Picture Was Taken...

at the Mall of the Millenia in Orlando, FL where we go to see Santa every year. The puppets were a gift from Santa. This picture was a last minute picture I took of the girls before we left the mall.

Tips and Tricks

  • I just keep taking a lot of pictures and hope for the best! I take photos at home in front of the Christmas tree and as we wait in line to see Santa, because the mall has some beautiful decorations.

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