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Reader Submissions: Multiples Holiday Greetings - Families of Multiples Share Their Holiday Photos


Updated December 09, 2009

For many families, a holiday photo greeting is a classic tradition. Finding the perfect picture, with everyone smiling and looking happy, can be an interesting adventure. Share your holiday greeting photos, and enjoy the sweet smiles from other readers.

Candy Works - Multiples Holiday Photo - Twins Olivia and Ava

On Dec 11, in our house. The girls were excited to see Santa & even let me put bows in their hair! I loved how they looked, so I decided to snap a pic! If their sisters were in it, it would have made…More

Leave it to the Pros - Holiday Photos of Twins - Alessandra & Annaliese

At JC Penney in the mall. They weren't in a great mood, but I was sooo insistant on getting at least one photo of the two of them. I got two, by the grace of God.Got to love those twinkies!!December …More

Preston Olvin and Presley Olvin - Get Both Twins to Smile at the Same Time

this picture of my twins were taken on the occassion of my Daughter's First Holy Communion.This was this year in the month of December 2010 at Cathedral Church- Agra- India.They were insisting to hav…More

Colby and Eian - Say Cheese with Santa

We are at Mrs.Bairds Bakery in Everman Texas. We have gone for years. IT is soo beautiful. IT is all free just bring a unwraped gift for Cooks Childrens Hospital. They give you cinnamon toast, milk,a…More

Emma and Katie - Keep Taking Pictures to Get the Right Shot of Twins

at the Mall of the Millenia in Orlando, FL where we go to see Santa every year. The puppets were a gift from Santa. This picture was a last minute picture I took of the girls before we left the mall.…More

Ian and Emily - Take Advantage of Professional Photo Specials

Our holiday picture was taken at a local photography studio. This particular photographer is always able to great photo of our twins. We had the picture taken in November, the studio was holding a "h…More

Be Prepared for Pictures - Zach and Alex - Twins Holiday Photo

Our boys love playing outside, this picture was taken after a recent snowfall in MN. I think they were putting there heads together to figure out how they were going to get down their slide with all …More

Nico and Remy - Use Natural Light to Capture Pictures of Twins

At home in our living room with our special Santa hats on! The natural lighting that was shining in the room was perfect that day to capture their cute little faces! I just laid down a white sheet an…More

Zachary and Hannah - Teamwork Helps Mom Capture Twins Photo

On Sunday December 5. I'd just dressed them fo church and they were by the tree. I was able to get them to stop and smile!! This is the first time they've "helped" decorate the tree. What an interest…More

Happy Family - Reader Submissions of Multiples Holiday Photo Greetings

This picture was taken on Dec 6, 2010, and it was taken at home in front of our Christmas tree. We were just finish decorated our Christmas tree.About the special event from the past year, I guess th…More

Don't Try Too Hard

in our home. The tree was real and the boys helped pick it out from their carriers. We loved taking the candid photos while trying to prop the camera on the couch. Crouching tiger, see our babies, CH…More

Have a Helper

This was the twins first christmas and it was taken at our local Bass Pro Shop in Rockwall,Tx. It is really hard to get them to stay still and by each other, as many parents know of multiples. The p…More

Take Advantage of Special Events

They were in these outfits after a holiday gathering and I had the hats handy, just slipped them on and stepped back for the photo opportunity, it worked great with little effort, I'm sure it wouldn'…More

It's Never Too Early

We decided this year we were going to go and get a big family picture done for Christmas! We love our picture and have it hung up all over our house! This is actually the only picture we have of all …More

Twins' First Christmas

At our home, for our family's first Christmas. It took many, many tries to get a photo that we could use. I tried some with them in cute holiday outfits, some with Santa hats, some without. I finally…More

Christmas Angels! Alanna and Mikhaila

End of October 2009.This was taken at a studio in Chicago, close to our home. We were actually there for a family portrait but this picture of our daughters came out so beautifully that we wanted it …More

Family Vacation Photo

On our summer vacation in Vermont. We visited Smuggler's Notch resort in August, and had a family portrait taken. It came out so good that we wanted to use it for our Christmas card photo. Even thoug…More

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