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Twin Ultrasound Picture at Seven Weeks - Pictures of Twin Ultrasound

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By Pam

Updated May 09, 2011

Twin Ultrasound Picture at Seven Weeks - Pictures of Twin Ultrasound

Monochorionic Twins at Seven Weeks

Gestational Age of Multiples in Picture (in Weeks)

7 weeks

Zygosity - Fraternal, Identical or Unknown


About My Twin/Multiple Ultrasound Picture

This is my ultrasound picture from a scan at 7 weeks. Only one embryo is visible. I did not find out I was having twins until another scan at 20 weeks. The twins were monochorionic (in the same chorion - outer sac) so they were positioned very close together in the uterus. At this early stage of pregnancy, with a 2 dimensional view, one embryo was shadowed behind the other, so you could only see one.

About My Twin/Multiple Pregnancy

After discovering there were twins at 20 weeks, I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy. I had some preeclampsia that resulted in bedrest, but I delivered at 36 weeks and both twins were healthy. That was 16 years ago!


  • Remember "this two shall pass..." Things will get easier. The early days are crazy and chaotic, but so are the teen years.
  • Having twins is really a lot of fun - they are amazing!
  • There are some challenges in raising twins, but there are also a lot of ways that having twins is easier than just one.
  • Encourage them as individuals, and don't view them solely as a unit. Find ways to spend one-on-one time, and help them discover and celebrate their unique qualities.

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