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Luca and Samuel - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Share Your Story: Meet My Multiples

By denisep0129

Updated December 06, 2012

Luca and Samuel - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Smiles by the tree

Luca and Samuel - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Focused on the bike ride

Names of Multiples

Luca Santos and Samuel Santos

Age of Multiples in Photo

2 years 7 months

Zygosity of Multiples (Identical, Fraternal, Unknown)


All About My Multiples: Pregnancy & Birth

Born 5-10-10 at 35 weeks. Luca was 5.8 lbs and Sam was 5.6 lbs.

My Multiples Are Special Because...

Sam and Luca are both beginning to show their big boy ways and learning to become friends. They each have they're own personalities, Luca is more of the observer, he hides around the corner and 10 minutes later he pops out and runs to give you a big hug, while Sam will shine with a big smile, give you a high five to say hello and maybe a hug. They can go one minute being so upset because one took the other's toy and the next minute they're walking around the house, talking and holding hands.


  • I learned to choose my battles and enjoy each day with them. That it's ok if my dishes don't get washed right away and that I am NOT supermom, I may try to be, but I have to remind myself as a mom with 3 kids, a husband, and a job I can't do it all at once. Take your time and know that it may not be the easiest job in the world, but it is so worth it and those special moments will be there to remind you.

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