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Louis and Leo - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Share Your Story: Meet My Multiples

By Wendy

Updated February 03, 2012

Louis and Leo - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Louis and Leo

Louis and Leo - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Louis and Leo

Names of Multiples

Louis & Leo

Age of Multiples in Photo


Zygosity of Multiples (Identical, Fraternal, Unknown)


All About My Multiples: Pregnancy & Birth

The boys were born on December 19th 2009. Louis weighed 4.5 and Leo weighed 4.7 lbs. I carried the boys for 32 weeks. During pregnancy we were excepting triplet girls. The doctor found that all things I was going through was what a woman would go through having triplet girls. I was very nervous but, very excited! My husband and I picked out all girls names and one boys name, Louis. We were very excited to learn they were twin boys! Except we were very overwhelmed.

My Multiples Are Special Because...

My boy are so cute and loving. We have no idea how they got red hair but it suits them perfectly. The boys have a little sister and her name is, Lilac. Lilac loves the boys and I can't wait to see how they are when they grow up.


  • Love your kids with your life
  • Allow yourself to have alone time with your partner
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