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Jocelyn Grace and Jenelle Faith - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Share Your Story: Meet My Multiples

By jasplustwinsmommy

Updated September 09, 2012

Jocelyn Grace and Jenelle Faith - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Twincess 1st Bday

Names of Multiples

Jocelyn Grace & Jenelle Faith Contreras

Age of Multiples in Photo

1 yr old

Zygosity of Multiples (Identical, Fraternal, Unknown)

Fraternal Twins

All About My Multiples: Pregnancy & Birth

Born at 36 weeks; Jocelyn & Jenelle took our breath away from the very first time we learned we were having them. They were born November 2nd 2009 via c section. Jocelyn at 5.11 & Jenelle at 6.3. Jocelyn was breach and had no heart beat, she had to be taken to the nicu to be observed. Luckily I was not told until after i took them both home. Yes we got to take them both home at the same time.

My Multiples Are Special Because...

You can never be bored with them. They are amazing to just be around & watch them interact with one another. The way they play & look for each other will just put a smile on your face. I hope they always remain as close as they are now.


  • Have Patience
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help
  • Keep them on the same schedule as much as possible
  • Buy exact same of each

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