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Holly and Maddy - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Share Your Story: Meet My Multiples

By richmondgal

Updated September 05, 2012

Holly and Maddy - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Holly & Maddy in Ocracoke NC

Holly and Maddy - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Holly & Maddy at the Aquarium

Names of Multiples

Holly and Madison Stone

Age of Multiples in Photo

3 yrs. 11 mos.

Zygosity of Multiples (Identical, Fraternal, Unknown)


All About My Multiples: Pregnancy & Birth

Born 9/24/2008; Holly was 5 lbs 14 oz; Madison was 6 lbs 4 oz; pregnancy was full term and delivered via caesarean at 38 weeks.

My Multiples Are Special Because...

They are absolutely in love with each other and best friends, but the two most different personalities. Holly is the now bigger twin and takes after mom's side of the family and was the smaller twin at birth. She is a girly girl and likes dressing up, her long hair, posing, dancing, singing and playing babies. Maddy is small and spirited and takes after her dad's side of the family more. She is quite the spitfire and doesn't let anything hold her back, and especially hates when her twin sister tells her that she is smaller than her. She likes bugs, and adventures, and has no fear toward trying new things.

They are so different, and people often comment at their age difference and ask if they are a year apart just due to their size.

They are adorable, healthy, feisty and different, and I can't imagine my life any other way. They make me crazy at times, but I can't be the only one! They are the loves of my life and God has blessed me so with four beautiful children, two of which came into our lives as twins! Thank you.


  • My advice is to get help during the first week or so, especially after a cesarean. Enjoy them and love them while they are babies, cause they do grow up fast, and cuddle time and sleep is not nearly as prevalent as infancy. I don't care what anyone says, but it is more tiring to me chasing after two 3 year olds, dealing with tantrums, playing, baths, etc... then having to get up and feed them during the night while they are infants. Just my opinion.

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