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Claire and Olivia - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Share Your Story: Meet My Multiples

By Monica

Updated August 17, 2010

Claire and Olivia - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Claire on left and Olivia on right

Claire and Olivia - Twins - Pictures of Twins

Claire on left and Olivia on right

Names of Multiples

Olivia and Claire

Age of Multiples in Photo


Zygosity of Multiples (Identical, Fraternal, Unknown)


All About My Multiples: Pregnancy & Birth

My girls were born 9.7.07. They were big girls. Olvia was 6.6 and Claire was 6.2. They are still growing rapidly. I think they are going to be athletes and tall.

My Multiples Are Special Because...

Olivia is shy and sensitive and Claire is more outgoing.

They are the sweetest little showstoppers:)

They are talking so much and cannot wait for their 3 year birthday!

They are also very close. At daycare they are always playing together. At home they fight quite a bit and seem to get on each others nerves but they love and watch out for eachother too. It is so sweet to watch.


  • My advice for other parents of multiples is to enjoy your children and treat them like individuals.
  • I feel so blessed to have two beautiful healthy twin girls. They are a lot of work but every minute is rewarding and worth it.
  • They do and say the funniest things at this age!

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