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The Ishum Quads Blog - Parenting Multiples Blog - Quadruplets

Submit an Entry: Twins and Multiples Blogs

By Rebecca

Updated March 09, 2012

The Ishum Quads Blog - Parenting Multiples Blog - Quadruplets

The Ishum Quads

Blog Name

The Ishum Quads

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What You Blog About

I blog about raising BGBG quadruplets and my life as a stay-at-home mom to them.

Your Twins or Multiples

My husband and I have quadruplets born in February 2011. They are Caleb, Abigail, Elijah, and Elizabeth and each have completely different personalities!

Why You Blog

I started blogging when we found out that we were expecting multiples in an effort to keep people in the loop easily. Everyone had questions, and it was easier to point them to our blog. I've continued to blog in an effort to preserve moments in time. I'm often so busy that I'm afraid I won't remember key parts of their childhood. I also want them to be able to read about how special they are to us! And now I also blog to try to help non-multiples parents better understand what life is like with four babies.


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