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Multiples and More - Twins Blog

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By multiplesandmore

Updated February 22, 2012

Multiples and More - Twins Blog


Multiples and More - Twins Blog

My Family - Aaron, Amanda, Scott and Jillian

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Multiples and More

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Multiples and More is a site for parents with multiples. We have featured bloggers, questions of the week, giveaways, reviews, expert features, and of course, sanity saving tips. This is your one stop shop for all things multiples!

Your Twins or Multiples

My husband Scott and I welcomed boy/girl twins in May of 2008.

Why You Blog

Multiples and More started in March of 2009 as a way to connect families with multiples online. It has grown leaps and bounds since. I keep blogging because I love the relationships it creates between all of the families in the community! Parents of multiples definitely need to stick together.


  • The best advice I can offer is really decide if you want your families names out there. Once you commit to having them on there, it's hard to change it back.
  • Blog in your voice. Don't blog the way you think you should, blog the way you want to. I tried to come across as really proper at first, and it was hard to write because, well, I'm not.

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Multiples & More is a finalist for Favorite Blog About Parenting Twins in the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

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