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First Time Twins - Blogs About Twins - Twin Blog

Submit an Entry: Twins and Multiples Blogs

By Alex

Updated October 23, 2010

First Time Twins - Blogs About Twins - Twin Blog

First Time Pregnant With Twins

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First Time Twins

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I'm pregnant for the first time and it's twins! Every day there's something new.

Your Twins or Multiples

I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say about my munchkins once they are larger than a kumquat!

Why You Blog

I had an upsetting pregnancy side effect (shhhhh, it was a sex thing!) and couldn't find anyone else talking about anything similar. I have no boundaries so I figured I'd blog about all of my bodily functions and emotional break downs so future moms can find someone willing to talk about the unspeakable.

And, well, I'm just a big mouth. I like to talk (or write) and hope maybe one day the world might consider listening!


  • Learn how to spin a phrase so you can talk about a crass subject without actually being crass
  • Ask the people around you how and if they want to be identified
  • If you write about private things, make sure to run posts by anyone involved in that post before you publish it
  • Remember that the posts will exist for years to come so this years pop culture might be confusing to future readers

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