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Reader Submissions: Twins and Multiples Blogs


Updated February 22, 2012

Do you write or manage a blog about twins and multiples? Please share your site. We're looking for bloggers who write about parenting twins and multiples and would love to include your blog. Please tell us a few details about your site and your connection to twins or mulitples.

The Ishum Quads Blog - Parenting Multiples Blog - Quadruplets

I started blogging when we found out that we were expecting multiples in an effort to keep people in the loop easily. Everyone had questions, and it was easier to point them to our blog. I've continu…More

One and One Equals Twin Fun - Twins Blog - Blogs About Twins

My family is all over the world, my father is in South Africa, my mom, sister and brother live in the UK and my husbands family are in the US. I started blogging to help keep my family connected with…More

Domestic Engineer to Twins - Blog About Twins

To keep this mama brain cognitively stimulated, write down my thoughts and connect with others...Which has been difficult as a SAHM.Being a SAHM wasn't my first choice...And I have no shame admitting…More

Multiples and More - Twins Blog

Multiples and More started in March of 2009 as a way to connect families with multiples online. It has grown leaps and bounds since. I keep blogging because I love the relationships it creates betwee…More

Twins at Play - Twins Blog

I blog to help other Moms learn new things and get new ideas, , to connect with other Moms, and to network with other Moms! I network with other bloggers to learn new things all the time. My Twins re…More

TwinParenthood - Blogs About Twins

I know how hard we struggled -- especially in the early years, and I love to share anything I can to try to help make things easier for other parents of twins and multiples. I've long been involved i…More

Capri + 3 - Blog About Multiples

When we were going through our fertility journey, we looked for inspirational stories of people who had positive outcomes. Our fertility journey is meant to inspire couples struggling with infertilit…More

Blog About Twins - Christina Baglivi Tinglof - Twins Blog

I started to blog as an extention to my website, Talk About Twins. While the website focuses on timely articles on pregnancy, toddlerhood, and the school years, culling information from recent resear…More

Twinfatuation - Blogs About Twins

Despite all good intentions (as evidenced by scrawlings on post-its, napkins and KrispyKreme receipts) Darren & Sarah's childhood memory tomes are woefully incomplete.Everyday -- typically multiple t…More

The Daily Swaddle Twins Blog - Blogs About Twins

With a few cameras and a hyperactive, insomnia-induced imagination, we created this blog to remember the little moments, and let you watch them grow with us. Laughter is definitely the best way to ge…More

Fran Pitre Blog - Twins Blog

With the experience and knowledge I've acquired over my last 17 years with everything from multiple pregnancies to teenage twins now driving, I've written article after article with tips, ideas, reso…More

New2Two Twins Blog - Blogs about Twins

I was encouraged to get started to connect with other mothers and hopefully make a few dollars so I can continue to be a stay at home Mom. It took me months to get up the courage to put myself out th…More

Life and Motherhood - Blog About Triplets

The simple answer is that I blog because I believe motherhood is the most challenging, amazing privilege to be given. I believe it should be written about and celebrated. Mostly I started this blog f…More

Life and Motherhood - Blogs About Parenting Multiples

The simple answer is that I blog because I believe motherhood is the most challenging, amazing privilege to be given. I believe it should be written about and celebrated. Mostly I started this blog f…More

Kowalski Cafe - Twins Blog

I started to share my pregnancy story. Then I kept going to share our experiences with twin newborns, feeding, breastfeeding, etc. Now, I keep my family updated and share my take on different experie…More

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